French Toast Recipe

Hey Guys!

I feel as if I haven’t posted a recipe on here in forever! And I don’t know why! I love sharing recipes with you guys. Oh well, it is time to rectify that. Today I am going to share my favourite brunch recipe with you. this is my recipe for French toast. I only actually tried French toast for the first time about 3 months ago, it isn’t a popular thing in England, and you can only really get it in American dinners. But I tried it, and fell in love with it and I have finally perfected a method to do it at home, so I want to share it with you.


What You Will Need (per slice):

2 eggs

1 slice of extra thick bread

Ground Cinnamon

Icing Sugar

A little butter

1 banana

Maple syrup

Whipped cream (in a can)

How To Make:

  • Crack both of your eggs into a large, fairly flat bowl (preferably one big enough to fit a slice of bread)
  • Beat the eggs together until smooth
  • Mix in a pinch of cinnamon. The amount you use is purely dependent on how much you like the flavour.
  • Now place your bread into the eggy mixture. Leave it for a few minutes, until it can’t soak up any more mixture and flip in over. Do the same on this side.
  • Next, heat a knob of butter in a large frying pan over a high heat.
  • Once melted, turn to a medium heat and go get your bread.
  • Let any excess mixture drip off then place your bread in the pan.
  • While this is cooking slice your banana.
  • Once the bread is browned and toasted, flip it. There is no exact time for this, you just have to eyeball it.
  • Once both sides are toasted, remove it from the pan, and place it on a large plate.
  • Next, sprinkle it with icing sugar. I suggest putting some sugar into a sieve and doing it that way.
  • Once you have a fine coverage of sugar it is time to top it (you can just eat it like this, but this is my all go, Sunday brunch recipe lol. if you are going to eat it as if, I suggest placing a little knob of butter on to it. It goes all melty and nice). first place your banana on top.
  • Then drizzle with a little maple syrup
  • And finally top with whipped cream.
  • Now serve.

And there you go. My favourite French toast recipe. You can use different toppings, it is purely personal preference. I have tried it with strawberries as well and that was very nice. I hope that you like this recipe as much as I do. If you recreate it I would love to see the outcome. Tag me on instagram or twitter or use #efrfrenchtoast . happy brunching lol. I will see you all again soon.


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