Book Review: Girl Online, On Tour by Zoe Sugg

Hey Guys!

How are you all today? Good I hope. Today I am continuing another series. It is the return of Miss Zoe Sugg. That’s right, today I am talking about Girl Online, On Tour. Lets do this.

Girl Online, On Tour

I actually enjoyed this book. I honestly think that I liked it more then the first one. This one just instantly grabbed your attention, where as the first kind of dragged for the first third. This one really didn’t and I think that this is probably because I now know the characters so there was none of that wading through details regarding each character. I already understood them. I also think that the storyline in this one was much more developed.

Girl Online On Tour felt a lot more planned out then the first book. The first one just seemed to sort of spiral a little, if that makes sense. This one didn’t It seemed very planned out (in a good way). You can see that Zoe clearly knew where she wanted the story to go and how she wanted it to get there. I really enjoyed it. The storyline itself was enjoyable enough. It had some twists and turns and had a very different outcome to what I was expecting. It was nice that the book surprised me. I also loved the fact that Zoe continued to develop the darker elements of this series for instance the LGBT issues, the anxiety, alcohol issues and all that stuff. I really liked how she tackling these subjects. She does it in such a way that everything feels genuine and honest and I love that Zoe handles it is such a positive way. It is such a powerful thing for teens to understand.

But I also loved how the characters have developed in this book. Especially Penny. You see her grow so much as a person throughout this book. At the beginning she is so unsure and nervous but by the end she is confident and brave, willing to put her self out there again. Noah on the other hand, I couldn’t make up my mind about in this one (I think I had the same issue with the first). I mean on the surface I like him but when I think about it more deeply, I just very, meh, about him. I think it is because he is so quick to change his mind and so easily manipulated, but I’m not sure. There is no real reason for me to be so indifferent about him, but I am. Oh well, I love all the other characters, so it kind of makes up for it. I love Elliot and I think that him and Alex are adorable. That’s what’s nice about this book. It has real issues one second, then gooeyness the next. It is a lovely mix. I think it works really well.

I admit it did feel a bit jumpy at times, one second you where somewhere, and the next you where in a completely different place, doing something different, but this was only occasionally. This series is never going to be a great work of literature that will go down down in history as one of the greats, but it is enjoyable. I personally really, really like this series It is cute and fuzzy and such an easy read. I honestly don’t know why Zoe is getting so much hate for it. I like it

star 4.54.5 out of 5

I honestly don’t think Zoe deserve the amount of hate that she is getting over this series. It inst brilliant, but it inst bad either. I think what people need to remember when reading this book is that it is aimed at teens. There is no point going into it expecting an adult book, because its not. People need to grow up a bit. Okay, rant over. I hope that you enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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