Book Review: The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles) by Rick Riordan

Hey Guys!

It is time for another book review. This week it is the return of Rick Riordan. I am so happy. I have been really missing his writing lol. This time though, we aren’t talking about Percy Jackson, this time I am talking about The Kane Chronicles. It is time for The Red Pyramid…YAY!

Red Pyrimid.JPG

I loved this book. Like, really loved it. I honestly think that I made the right choice with the way I did this; I listened to this as an audiobook as opposed to actually reading it. This actually was the best option ever. Because the book is written as an audio recording, listening to it was brilliant. It was amazing. Anyway, enough about that, back to the actual story. This book was amazing. I loved the magic element of it. It was brilliant.

The storyline is so intense. Straight from the off I was hooked. There was instantly so much going on. You where thrown straight into this world of magic and mystery. A world where ancient Egypt still lives and god’s influence is strong. It was just incredible. As always Riordan managed to paint such a realistic world. Everything felt so real and so well thought it. It never fails to amaze me the amount of detail Riordan manages to squeeze into his books. I love it…although I do now know a lot of irrelevant information about Egyptian (and Greek) history and gods lol.

I loved that with this book, the POV switched every couple of chapters. It kept everything feeling very fresh. I know sometimes with books you can get a bit bored of the natures voice…if that make since. You just know what they are going to think and when and it gets boring. This didn’t happen here. Because it switched regularly, it never dragged. And Riordan did it perfectly. He always had the best character telling us about an incident.

Speaking of characters, oh my god. I love them. Carter and Sadie are just brilliant. They are so three dimensional. Both of them are very relatable and I could see myself being friends with them. They are the sort of characters that you could see yourself having a conversation with. Just sitting and talking to for hours. I honestly adored them. And they grew so much as the story progressed. They were so different at the end of the book. So much wiser and stronger and closer as siblings. I really do rate them. I think they are brilliant character.

What I also loved about this book was the random animal’s lol. I loved the fact that there is a baboon that follows them around and a clay crocodile. I just love it. It is brilliant. It isn’t something that you expect but it just works so well. I love it.

Overall I am so happy that I read this book. I loved everything about it. The Egyptian knowledge (I have always been fascinated by ancient Egypt), the magic, the characters, the little nods to Percy Jackson…it was just brilliant. I honestly cannot wait to start the next one. I am downloading it as I type. If you like Rick Riordan or ancient Egypt, or even just magic, you need to read this book, although I will recommend listening to it.

55 out of 5

I loved this. Love, love, loved it. I hadn’t realised how much I missed Riordan until I started this. I cannot wait to start the next one, you will not have to wait long for a review of it, and I can tell you that now lol. Highly recommend. I will see you all again soon.


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