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Primark Haul

Hey Guys!

I accidently did it again. I went into Primark. Whoops. My poor bank account lol. Oh well lol. I did manage to get quite a lot for not that much money. A lot of what I brought (well actually most of it) was on sale, so I got some right bargains. So, let’s do this. This is what I got!

I sort of went t-shirt mad again lol. If you saw my last Primark Haul you will know that I am re-supplementing my t-shirt supply (I had a mass clear out recently), so naturally, I brought several more shirts. Anyways, back to the actual haul.


The first thing that I picked up is this really simple shirt. It is this really plain, V-neck top in this lovely kind of grey/kaki colour. I love this t-shirt. If you saw a haul I did around March time, you will probably recognise this top. Yes, I already own the exact same one but in white lol. Honestly, these t-shirts are brilliant. They are super comfy and really thin. They are just brilliant. And this one was on sale for £2 instead of £4, so brilliant value for money as well.


Next I picked up this really cute shirt. This was a bit out of my comfort zone for two reasons. One, it is slightly cropped. Not like massively, not even enough to see flesh, but it is like, sit on your jeans waistband, cropped. I normally get longer shirts. And the other reason, it is bright blue. I am very monochrome lol. But I really liked this shirt. It is this bright, all be it, kinda soft blue. It is short and has short sleeves, with a roll up on them. It is actually a very flattering fit. Makes me look a lot taller then I actually am. What I love about this shirt though is the pocket. It has a little pocket on the bust with a little donut printed on it with the words ‘donut talk to me’. It is so stupid, I love it. I got these shirt two sizes bigger then I needed and it is brilliant. Perfect oversized look. It was on sale for £3 instead of £6, so very happy with it.


Next I actually got a couple of band shirts. The first is this Rolling Stones one. It is the same it as the previous shirt and I love it. It is a really simple white base with the little Rolling Stones logo thing all over it. What I love about this shirt is that every now and then on it one of the logos is glittery and I just think that I really cute. I love the Rolling Stones so I was very happy when I found this, especially considering most band shirts are really expensive. This one was actually on sale so cost me only £3 instead of £6. Fucking bargain lol.


The other band shirt I brought was a Queen one. I fucking love Queen. They are one of my all time favourite bands. I was so excited when I saw this shirt. It is super simple. Same fit as the previous two. This one is a simple white base with the quote ‘is this real life? Is this just fantasy?’ which is one of my favs. It is all in black except ‘Fantasy’ which is in metallic silver. I love this shirt so much and it was also on sale and was also only £3 instead of £6. I am so happy!!! Lol


That’s all the t-shirts. But I did also pick up a tank top. It is one of Primark’s loose fitting, printed ones (I have mentioned these in hauls before). I love these. They are super comfy and easy to wear and the best thing about them is they look good with both jeans and shorts, which is essential in England during summer lol. This one is just a simple slate grey base with a sort of aztecy animal skull printed on the front. I love this. It is so me. And this one was also on sale (a pattern is emerging here lol) for £2.50 instead of £3. Not a big saving, but every little helps lol.

That is actually all the clothes that I got. I was a bit disappointed with my local Primark. It was literally all sale and most of it kinda crap. I brought literally everything that I saw and liked (well except a Bowie t-shirt that I nearly brought but couldn’t decide on lol. Wish I had now lol). Anyway. After this I went a bit sock crazy lol. Like t-shirts I need to re-supplement my sock supply. So I brought lots lol. I actually managed to get some of these on sale as well.


First I picked up these really simple ones. They are a five pack of pretty standard socks. They are all kinda navy and grey and little pink. And they just have a floral pattern on them. Each pair is lightly different but all along the same theme. I will be honest with you; I am not a massive fan of these. They are not at all my usual style but they were on sale for £1 so, I don’t care lol. I desperately need socks aha. Next I picked up some massively childish, mermaid socks. I’m not even ashamed lol. They are super cute and I love them lol. They are just really simple. They are pastel shades and basically just have mermaids all over them lol. Although one pair just have ‘I wish I was a mermaid’ on it and I love them. I am ridiculously excited about these bloody socks lol. These were also on sale for £1…I would have paid a lot more for these lol. Finally I picked up these minion socks. Again, not ashamed lol. There isn’t really anything to say about these. They are covered in minion’s lol. Also £1 lol.


I also picked up some non-sale socks. Once again, they are very childish. I got two sets and both are Harry Potter. One is a set of the Hogwarts houses. Each pair is the house colour with the house logo on it. And they where £3. The other is just simple monochrome ones with a bit of silver sparkle on them. Each pair has a different thing on it. One has the Hogwarts logo, one has the old school HP logo and the last pair just has ‘property of Hogwarts School of witch craft and wizardry’ on it. And these ones where £2.50.


Finally I went into the home wear section. As normal I was very disappointed. I couldn’t find any of the things that I wanted. I did however manage to find some lights that I liked. They are the little wire, string, ball things. You know what I mean lol. There are 10 lights and they are all monochrome and I love them lol. They are battery operated and work brilliantly. They were only £4 and they look incredible on my book shelf. I think I may go back and get more of these. I love them.

So that all I got. As you can see I only actually spent like £30. I personally think I managed to get quite a lot of stuff. I am quite happy with what I got. Hopefully next time I go in they with have better stuff. Anyway. I hope you liked this and I will see you all again soon.



3 thoughts on “Primark Haul

  1. You’ve bought some really cute stuff. I especially loved the donut T-shirt. I’ve recently gone shopping too and it felt so good to finally buy something for myself 🙂

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