Getting To Know Me

Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to just sit down and chat to you. I was sitting here the other day thinking about possible blog posts and I realised that I haven’t ever really told you anything about myself. I have been running this blog for about 10 months now and I have never really shared anything personal with you guys. So, today I thought that I would rectify that.

ME!!!….wow what a terrible photo me….i hate this photo lol



For anyone that doesn’t know, my name is Beth and I am 19, although I will 20 in a few days. I am from England, more specifically, the south of England. I still live at home with my parents and older sister. I don’t still live at home by choice, it is purely because I can’t afford to move out. I can’t even afford a tiny studio apartment at the moment. I work full time, at a job that I hate, but it is alright for now. I earn enough to get by.

Generally speaking I am quite a boring person. I don’t really go out with friends a lot. I don’t drink a lot and I hate clubs, and that is all that my mates are into so I generally don’t go out very often. I have about 3 really close friends that I try to go out with every week…we fail at that mostly lol.

I love reading. I always have 3 or 4 books on the go (one audiobook, one e book and one or two just normal books). This year I set myself the challenge of reading 52 books over the year, so one a week, currently, I am about 6 books ahead of schedule. My favourite genre of books is YA and I personally prefer fantasy based books but I will contemporary, although I have to be in the right frame of mind for it. The same with SCFI based books. I don’t like horror books, I have such an overactive imagination that I just end up freaking myself out when I read them. I do occasionally read other genres but not very often.

I also love baking. Baking is one of the few things in life that I am actually good at lol. I really enjoy baking. I personally find it very relaxing and therapeutic. Although I will admit, I do have a tendency to dance around my kitchen whenever I bake lol. I am a much better at baking then I am cooking.

Another thing that I love is photography. I am not the best photographer in the world, far from it, but it is something that I really enjoy doing. I am at my happiest when I have either a book or camera in hand. I hate editing photos and I haaaate, hate, hate, hate taking pictures of people, unless I can get candid’s. Portraits just always feel so staged and fake and I refuse to take them unless I absolutely have too.

A few other facts about me, I listen to music pretty much constantly. I am that person that will try any song at least once. I have genres that I prefer but I will try anything. I have everything from Three Days Grace to Wham! On my phone. I favourites type of music is more kind of alternative rock kinda thing. FOB, Panic!, Muse, Liken Park, that sorta thing. I watch a lot of shows; generally I like the same kind of shows as the books I like. Some of my favourite shows are Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time, Doctor Who and others like that. I also really like Anime. It is only in the last year that I starting watching it, but I have really developed a taste for it. Some of my favourites are Deathnote, Vampire Knight (it is so shit you have to love it lol), Clash Of Titans and others. I have recently started watching Full Metal Alchemist. I also spend an unholy amount of time on the internet and I spend around half my day on YouTube lol.

I also thought that I would share some little facts about me with you, so here is a little fact file type shiz. So here we go.

Pets: 1 dog. A solid chocolate, cocker spaniel called Roux. As in the French for sauce (she is our ‘little chocolate sauce’… mum named her lol).

Siblings: 1 sister, older

Favourite colour: Black, closely followed by grey and teal

Favourite song: at this moment in time, probably, Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time by Panic! At The Disco (although it changes on a near daily basis)

All time Favourite Book: Harry Potter

Favourite Film: At The Moment, My Neighbour Totoro, again changes regularly

Favourite Food: Pancakes

Favourite YouTuber: Zoella, Joe Sugg, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman and, Dan and Phil (I’m literal YouTube trash)

Favourite Nail Varnish Colour: Black

Favourite Superhero: Iron Man

I am generally just a massive fucking nerd lol. But that’s about all there is to know about me. As you can see I am pretty normal. I would love to know a bit more about you. I hope that this has helped you to get to know me a little bit better and I will see you all again soon.


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