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June Favourites

Hey Guys!

It is July 1st! How the bloody hell is that possible?!? I am going to be 20 in just a few days…..AHHHHHHH! IM NOT READY!!!! Okay, okay, deep breathes…few, please excuse my mini freak out. let me make it up to you. here, have a monthly favourites post? Here are my June Favourites.

Favourite Read

I have actually read an awful lot this month. You know how you sometimes have reading slumps or spikes? Well I am in a spike. I read like 8 books last month. Out of those books there are 3 that really stand out. We Were Liars by E Lockhart, The Immortal Rules by and When We Collided by Emery Lord. All three of these books where amazing. I am in a bit of a contemporary kick at the moment (not usually a big contemporary person. I normally read like one every few months). All three of these books have either already had reviews or will be getting them very soon. Honestly I loved all of these books. We Were Liars had me guessing, Immortal Rules had me on the edge of my seat and When We Collided just made me emotional. You should defo read all three of these books.


Favourite Song

Again like last month I haven’t really had a favourite song, but I have had a favourite artist. Like last month I am still loving Fall Out Boy, but I have also now re-fallen in love with Panic! At The Disco. I have half heartedly listened to them for years but this month I have truly fallen for them. I basically just have this mega awesome playlist that I am listening to non-stop at the moment. It is just full of FOB, Panic!, MCR, Liken Park, Muse, Three Days Grace and so on. I had honestly forgotten how much I loved some of these bands. I will admit though, I have basically been listening to ‘Hallelujah!’ by Panic! quiet a lot lol.


Favourite Product

My favourite product this month was without a doubt, The Zoella Beauty, Sweet Inspirations Body Spritz thing. I brought this at the end of may and I have worn it every day since. I am in love with it. If you want to know more about it, check out my first impressions post (LINK!!!!)


Favourite TV Show

Again, another old favourite that I have rediscovered this month, Death Note. I was flicking through Netflix a few weeks ago and saw that they had added it! I was so excited. I saw odd episodes of this as a preteen (my friends brother loved it) but never the whole thing. Now I have. I had forgotten how brilliant it is. I have loved this so much that I have started watching a load of new Anime’s like Vampire Knight, Attack On Titan and a few others. I am really enjoying them. I had honestly forgotten how much I love Anime.


Favourite Film

Without a doubt that has got to be Howl’s Moving Castle. I brought this at the beginning of the month and I had honestly forgotten how much I love this film. It is so bloody poetic and beautiful. I just love it. I have watched it like 7 times this month lol.


Favourite Nail Varnish

I have been so bloody boring this month and literally just lived in black nail varnish. No matter what, I always end up going back to black nails. Oh well. I’m happy to be boring. The specific one that I have been wearing is Rimmel London’s Black Out. nice colour, alright wear but stains your nails to buggery. If anyone knows of any decent black nail varnishes, please let me know


Favourite Purchase

The best thing that I brought this month was defiantly my copies of Beautiful Broken Things and The Sky Is Everywhere. I have wanted both of these books for forever but I have never gotten around to buying them and I finally got them. But better than that, I got them in the exclusive, Zoella book club editions. Normally I am not into that sort of thing. I just tend to go straight for original covers and that’s it, but these covers are just so bloody beautiful, I couldn’t resist. I cannot wait to read them.

And that’s about it. I have pretty much spent the whole month either working or reading lol. I have no life aha. I am still very proud of myself for actually managing to get these monthly favourites posts up on time; I normally suck at time sensitive posts lol. I hope that you enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon.


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