Book Review: Half Lies by Sally Green

Hey Guys!

It is time for another mini book review. This time it is for Half Lies by Sally Green. For anyone unsure, this is the first off two short novellas written by Green, set in the Half Bad universe. These two little novellas follow Gabriel and his sister, Michele, before the events of Half Bad. If you have followed me for a while you will have seen that I read the whole Half Bad trilogy this year and loved it (well most of it) so obviously I wanted to read these little novellas. So I finally got around to downloading Half Lies, so here is my review for it.


This story follows Gabriel’s sister Michele as both she and Gabriel deal with their mother’s death and discover/develop their gifts. The whole book is told from Michele’s POV and it is told in diary form. I loved this novella, I only wish there was more off it. It was just so nice to see more of Gabriel. I really loved learning more about his beginnings and seeing how he was before all hell broke loose.

In this little story we saw a whole different aspect of Gabriel. A more free, fun loving person, who hasn’t been darkened by the world yet. But we also get to learn about his sister. I actually ended up having very mixed opinions about Michele. At times I loved her; at others I sort of resented her. She seemed so sweet and caring yet brave but then she would go and do something really dumb. I think maybe I would have developed more substantial opinions on her if the story had been longer. I think a lot of the problem was everything felt a little bit underdeveloped, but that is the problem with novellas. Generally speaking, they need to be longer. I think this was particularly the case with the ended of this one. It felt a bit rushed and it finished very abruptly.

Saying that, I am defiantly be reading the follow up to this novella, Half Truths, very soon. A must read, for any fans of the Half Bad trilogy. A really nice little novella, even if I wanted more from it.

4.54.5 out of 5

Honestly I simultaneously love and hate novellas. I love that they either give us more of a character we love or more background/context, but I hate that they are so short. They always leave me itching for more. Like Half Lies, it could have been a full book. With a little fleshing out and development it could easily have been a sort of, companion novel. Oh well, I will always want what I can’t have. I will see you all again soon.


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