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First Impressions: Zoella Beauty, Double Cream Body Lotion

Hey Guys!

If you saw my first impressions post last week you will have seen that I mentioned that there would be more than just one first impressions post this month, so this the second one. It is also, as I mentioned in last week’s post, another Zoella Beauty product. This week it is the turn of the Double Cream Body Lotion for the Sweet Inspirations range. So, let’s do this!


I have already told you how much I bloody love the scent of this new range. It is just incredible. The scent is supposedly based around the idea of bakery’s and macaroons and it does. It smells quiet sweet, but in a kind of musky sort of way, if that makes sense. There’s a vanilla element to it and also an almost berry like aspect as well. I can’t even describe it. It is amazing. And Double Cream smells just as good as Body Spritz and nearly as strongly.

I am completely in love with Double Cream. It is an amazing product. Generally, I hate moisturising. It just takes so long and is so annoying but for the first time in my life, I actually look forward to it doing it. Double Cream makes it so quick and easy. Normally the only sort of moisturising products that I use on my body are the Body Shop, Body Butters, which I love, but they are very heavy and greasy. Double Cream isn’t. It is very light weight and absorbs so quickly. I can do my whole body in less than five minutes. And you only need a really small amount. A little of this goes a very long way. And it so deeply moisturising. I don’t think my skin has ever been softer. Honestly, I am so surprised by this product. I love it. And I love the fact the scent lingers. I keep walking around sniffing myself lol. People at work must think I am insane….well more so then they already did.

And like the rest of the Zoella Beauty range, it is super affordable. A tube of this stuff is only £5 and it is honestly going to last for ages. Plus, something I haven’t mentioned about this range yet, is how beautiful it is. The packaging is just stunning. Very soft, very pretty, very French. I adore it. I am very happy to just leave these products sitting on my dressing table in full sight (I normally have all my beauty products away as I don’t like looking at things, mainly because they are genially pretty ugly lol).

Have you tried any of the Zoella Beauty range? Have you tried any of the ‘Sweet Inspirations’’ range? I have well and truly fallen in love with this range. I am defo going to be getting more. I will see you all again soon.


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