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Primark Haul

Hey Guys!

It happened again….I accidently went into Primark. Dun Dun Dun!…..that was so childish and I am sorry…made me laugh though lol. Anyway, this is getting off to a strange start; let’s get back on topic lol. I went into Primark to pick up a shirt that I had seen on the website and left with two bags of stuff…and not the t-shirt that I went in there for lol. Kinda sums up everyone of Primark experiences. Side note, I am the only person that wishes that they would just do a proper website that you can order from already? I can never seem to get a hold of stuff I see online in store…although my local store is pretty crap…anyway; I have gone completely off topic again. Urgh. This post is going so well. Let’s just do this haul already.


The first thing that I picked up was this really simple t-shirt. (Side note, there are a lot of t-shirts in the haul. I recently sorted out my clothes and discovered that all my just basic, everyday t-shirts where now the wrong size. So I have donated them to charity and I am now in the process of replacing them all). This shirt is a basic fit top. Short sleeves, not too clingy, pretty standard. It has a white cottony base and has Harry Potter related stuff printed all over it in black and varying shades of grey. I love this, it is so me lol. It was only £4, so perfect for everyday wear.


Next is another basic t-shirt, this time one without a pattern on it. It is a similar fit to the previous one. This one is an off white base with a grey kinda flecked pattern on it. I never know how to describe this print. This one was only £3 and I really like it. Very basic and very easy to wear. It looks great with my go to black skinny jeans.

Then I picked up the same shirt in two slightly different designs. They are again short sleeved, basic t-shirts. This time with a v-neck, which genially looks better on me. The reason why I got these two is because they are Harry Potter. They feel like quidditch style shirts. One has ‘Gryffindor, Hogwarts’ on it with the Gryffindor logo and the other the same but with Slytherin. They also have two bands on the sleeves. One is a black base, the other a white. These are supper cute and look really nice on. They where £6 each, which was little more then I wanted to spend on basic every day t-shirts, but I love them, so they are worth it.


And that’s it for the t-shirts. Next I picked up a pair of shorts. If you saw one of my last Primark Hauls you will have seen that I got myself a pair of Mickey Mouse shorts to sleep in, well Primark now have a Minnie version, so naturally I had to get them. I have lived in the Mickey ones since buying them, so I can see these ones being the same. Like the Mickey ones they have Minnie’s face all over them, an elastic, drawstring waist and a trim around the legs and up the side. These are normally £4 but where half price so only cost me £2. Right bargain lol.


I also grabbed a pair of basic black flip-flops for £0.90. Every summer I get a pair from here. They are pretty standard, but last fairly well. I can usually make the one pair last me all summer.


Next I picked up 3 packs of socks. Again while sorting out my clothes I looked through my socks and discovered that like half of them had holes or tears in them so I have replaced a load of them. The first pack I picked up was these Alice in Wonderland trainer socks. They are pastel coloured, and have a different character on each set. One has Alice; one has the White Rabbit and the others the cheesier cat. A pack of 3 was only £2.50.


I also picked up the same ones but in a Minnie/Mickey mouse set. The first has Minnie’s face and an M on them, the second pair Mickey and the third pair Minnie. Again pastel coloured and just as cute. They were also £2.50


The final socks I got where just these basic blue, white and red patterned ones. They are all sort of checked and slightly geometric patterned. I will admit I’m not a massive fan of the designs or colour scheme but they were on sale of £1 and in anyone’s books, five pairs of socks for £1 is a good deal, especially considering how desperately I need new socks lol.


Finally I went upstairs into the home wear section. I love Primark home wear but my local store is bloody shit. They never have anything at all. For a change I did manage to find a couple of bits that I liked. The first is this little cactus photo clip thing. It is kinda stupid but I couldn’t resist. I am thinking that it will look really cute on my book shelf with a nice photo clipped into it. It was only £1 so I don’t feel too guilty about buying something so childish lol.


And finally I also picked up this hanging candy skull thing. It is a solid pink wooden base with a white, cute out, wooden skull on top. I personally would have preferred it with a black or blue base, but it quiet cute. Again, I am going to put my bookcase. Hanging on it or something. This one was only £2.

So that’s it. It’s not the most interesting haul ever but I got quite a lot. I am planning to try and get to a better Primark soon. I would love to know what you have brought lately. I love hauls. I will see you all again soon.


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