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The Best Highstreet Tights

Hey Guys!

It is time for another Best Highstreet post. I am quiet enjoying making this series, but I am really interested to know what you think of it. Do you like it? Are you finding them helpful? Have these post encouraged you to try an item from somewhere you normally wouldn’t? I would love to know your opinions. But anyway, I’m getting off topic. Let’s get back to today’s post. This month it is the turn of Tights.

I wear tights 5 days a week. My work uniform is a company shirt and fitted black pencil skirt (I used to have black trousers as well but I ripped the knee and I am too cheap to replace them lol). So, to still meet the company’s dress code I have to wear black tights. Naturally this means I get through a lot of them. My job involves a lot of lifting, carrying, and kneeling on the floor etc, so I am forever laddering tights or just generally wearing them out. So here are my top three places to get tights.

new look.jpg

3 – New Look

New Look are great for tights. Particularly woollen and patterned tights. In the winter I live in the sort more woollen, thermal tights. Both at work and not. I love them. New Look are great if you are after this sort. But they do also do normal tights as well. I personally find the normal tights a little over priced from here, but they are quite good.

h and m

2 – H & M

I love H & M’s tights. Mainly because they do very affordable, very good, control tights. Honestly, if you have any body hang ups at all, I would highly recommend getting a pair of these little gems. They are easier to wear then like control pants and work just as well. I love them. I have a few outfits, such as the fitted dress from my Interview Outfit Haul post, that I just don’t feel quiet comfortable in without a pair of these. They just give that little confidence boast. But H & M also does brilliant woollen type ones. Their just pain normal, bog standard tights are overpriced. You are talking up to about £8 for one pair. And considering it doesn’t matter if you pay £1 or £10, they are essentially the same product; this is too much to pay. I don’t personally think they last any longer or feel any nicer.


1 – George

I think George at ASDA can be very overlooked sometimes. I don’t actively shop there, but, I have got a few nice pieces from there in the past. My all time favourite bikini is from them. And I get most of my tights here. They do mainly just bog standard tights but they are really good. They do basically any Denier you could possibly want and in both flesh or black. They last for ages, just as long as the ones from H & M or New Look, but are much better value for money. They do packs of 3 for £4. If you, like me, wear tights every day, this is the place for you. Brilliant value for money. And they do honestly last just as long as the more expensive ones do.

So that’s it. These are, in my opinion, my best places to get tights on the Highstreet. Although, bonus one, if you want coloured tights, like bright colours, try Forever 21. They have an amazing selection of coloured tights. I have got teal ones from there before. And they do wear pretty well. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post, and that hopefully it has given you an idea of where you can get good tights. I will see you all again soon.



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