Book Review: Lockwood & Co, the Dagger in The Desk by Jonathan Stroud

Hey Guys!

It is time for a mini book review. The reason why this isn’t getting a proper review post is purely because it isn’t actually a book, book but a small novella. It was only about a chapter long, and only took like 15 minutes to read but I quiet enjoyed it so I want to give it a little review. So this is ‘Lockwood & Co, the Dagger in The Desk’ by Jonathan Stroud.

You probably will have seen that a few months ago I read ‘Lockwood & Co, The Screaming Staircase’. This was the first in the Lockwood & Co series. Well this little e-book only, novella is set between the first book in the series and the second. It follows its own case and is a complete stand alone story. It is basically just a bonus tale, you don’t need to read it but it is there….if that makes sense.


I really enjoyed this little book. It was a really nice little filler between the two books. I am planning to start reading the second book in the series soon, so this felt like the perfect little, bite size story to get myself back into it.

I really enjoyed seeing more of the characters; they have grown a lot since we first met them. Lucy in particular has really changed as person. This novella really highlighted this change. When we met her in ‘The Screaming Staircase’ she was this kinda shy, kinda unsure, teen who sort of doubted herself, now, she is smart and strong and is starting to trust in herself and believe in her abilities. Plus I have to be honest; I really ship her and Lockwood. For most of this novella I felt like screaming ‘JUST KISS ALLREADY!’ at them, which is fairly weird in its self, but even weirder when you remember that these characters are like what 14? 15? I can’t remember…..tell me I am not the only one who ships them?

As for the storyline, it was pretty interesting. Again, slightly twisted and I honestly would never give any of these books to a child. They are kinda dark. I personally thought this storyline deserved a bit more. It seemed like it could be a really interesting story, it was an unusual case, but since it was squeezed into such a short novella, it did feel a little underdeveloped. I personally think this particular case could have had a full book, or at least a larger novella. It did feel a bit rushed.

Saying that, I did really enjoy it. It was a nice little glimpse into what the characters have been up to since the developments in the first book. I cannot wait to start the second book now, I now wish that Stroud had done a similar novella for between the second and third books, but of well. This was a really nice read for any fans of the series and I didn’t feel as if you have to read it between the first two books. It didn’t feel anchored there. If you have already read the series so far, you can still go back and read this.

4 out of 5

So that’s my mini review for my mini read. I wouldn’t normally do a review for this sort of novella but because I did really enjoy it, I felt as if it deserved a review of some sort. I hope that you have enjoyed this little bonus post and I will see you all again soon.

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