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May Favourites

Hey Guys!

It’s time for another monthly favourites post. I am honestly very concerned as to how it is June already. We are half way through the year! How is that possible? This year is going so quickly. Plus, I’m 20 next month! AHHHHH! I am not ready to leave my teens! PANIC!!! Okay, okay, I am getting off topic. Let’s do this before I have a small breakdown lol.

Favourite Book

I have read a lot of epic this month. Honestly I think everything that I have read has been amazing (well except one). There are two books that I particularly loved. The first is Angelfall by Susan E E. Honestly, this book was incredible! I absolutely loved it. It was non-stop action, brilliant story, just wonderful. I cannot wait to read the next one. The other book that I have loved this month was Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian. Jesus! This book was honestly the best way to finish the Percy Jackson series. I loved it. Both of these books are well worth reading.


Favourite Song

I haven’t really had a favourite song this month, but I have had a favourite artist. And that’s Fall Out Boy. I have loved them years but this month I have found myself listening to them basically non-stop. I have just had FOB on shuffle on Spotify basically the whole month. I have fallen in love with ‘Save Rock and Roll’ once again this month. I love it. Brilliant band, brilliant album.


Favourite Purchase

I have brought a lot of books this month (as you will have seen if you saw my ‘book haul’ post). I think that my favourite thing I got was probably the divergent trilogy that I picked up.  I read the first book ages ago (review) and I have been wanting to read the rest of the trilogy ever since, so I finally brought it, although confession, I brought the entire series even though I already own the first, purely because I didn’t like the cover I had it in. I know, I’m the worst lol. Oh, or what I have taken to calling my ‘sweary earrings’. Honestly these things are brilliant. They are little hands, giving you the finger. I can flip people off, simply by turning my head. I am so in love with these things. They are brilliant…..I am such a child….oh well. I don’t care. They are amazing and I want like 10 more pair’s lol.


Favourite Food

This may sound a little bit weird, but I have been loving avocado this month. Honestly I must have eaten about 2 dozen. I am obsessed at the moment. I just can’t get enough of them at the moment. Especially on toast, drool. This sounds so weird I know, but avocado if fast becoming my favourite food lol.


Favourite Film

My favourite film this month is actually an anime, its Spirited Away. So, explanation, I watched a lot of Studio Ghibli anime’s when I was growing up. My cousins, who where a lot older than me, used to get me and my sister watching them whenever we were at their house, I assume to stop us bugging them lol. I remember really enjoying them, cos they where kinda weird, but I can’t remember any of the actual films lol. So I am slowly but surely, buying them all and re-watching them. This month I brought Spirited Away and I love it. I have watched it like 4 times this month.


Favourite Candle

Once again my favourite candle this month was a flamingo candle. This month it was the scent ‘Espresso’. I love the smell of coffee and this candle smells amazing and honestly so real. It smells like actual fresh coffee. It is amazing. I love it. Honestly if you haven’t tried these candles, you should order one. If don’t know where you can get them, you can get them at ‘Candle Scentral’ online. Just type it into Google and it’s the first link.

And I think that’s about it. It’s been a pretty boring month for me to be honest. I have been working non-stop so I haven’t really done anything. I hope that you are enjoying these favourites’ posts. I quiet like making them. I will see you all again soon.


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