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Hey Guys!

I did it again. I brought a ton of books. In my defence, I recently replaced my book shelves with proper floor to ceiling bookcases. They have a lot of space, I have to fill them. I owe it to them lol. Okay, I’m making excuses. I have a problem. Anyway, here is what I brought

Firstly, let’s do the books that I have read, but didn’t own.


The Hunger Games (complete trilogy) – The Works (£8.99)


Me Before You – WHSmiths (£3.99)


The Fault In Our Stars – Amazon (Part of the 3 for £10 deal)

Now, onto the non-read stuff…sort off.


Divergent Trilogy – The Works (£9) (Side note, I have already read the first book, and I owned it, but not the others. I had the movie cover edition, which I hated (I got it cheap) and couldn’t get the next two books in the same cover so I replaced the entire series and have given my original copy to a friend).


The Maze Runner Series – The Works (£10)


The Pointless Book, 1 and 2 – The Works (£5)


The Fifth Wave – The Works (£3)


The Hobbit – Amazon (Part of the 3 for £10 deal)


Lockwood & Co, The Whispering Skull – Amazon (Part of the 3 for £10 deal)

And I think that it….I do feel as if I am forgetting something but I can’t for the life of me remember what lol. As you can see, I have brought a lot from the Works recently. I always forget about that shop. But honestly they have some amazing deals at the moment. I mean they have complete series for like £10. It’s brilliant. I have about 3 more series that I am going to but from there as soon as I get paid. What books have you brought recently? I will see you all again soon


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