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The Best Highstreet Leggings

Hey Guys!

It is time for another Best Highstreet post. Today it is all about leggings. I go through phases with leggings. Sometimes I will wear them whenever I am just sitting around the house, other times, I hate them lol. There is no in-between for me. But, when I am in a loving them stage, here are my favourites.


3) H & M

H & M’s leggings are brilliant. They do them in a couple of different lengths, which is essential for me considering I am like 5ft 2 lol. But most importantly, they are really good quality so they last ages and ages. The only problem is, they are more expensive than most places. But, they do last, so, probably works out about the same in the long run.


2) Primark

These are by far the best value leggings. You can get a standard pair for about £3. Which is brilliant if you don’t wear them very often. Plus they come in about 20 different colours. I personally love these leggings for when I am working out. So comfy and so cheap, I don’t mind ruining them by running in them (I am too cheap to buy actual workout leggings lol)


1)New Look

I adore New Looks leggings. They do about 3 or 4 different lengths and several different colours but they also do different quality levels. They range from about £6 to about £10 and they are really good. If I am ever going to wear leggings while out and about, they will be New Look ones.

So those are, in my opinion, the best Highstreet leggings. Where is your favourite place for leggings? I will see you all again soon.


PS. I am sorry about the lack of photos on pretty much all my posts recently, I lost the charger for my camera (I am an idiot). I have only just found it again so I will be taking a load of photos over the weekend and sorting out all my photo-less posts from the last few weeks. Hopefully this will be the last post that will go live without photos on it.

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