A Big Change – Update

Hey Guys!

You may remember that at the beginning of March I told you about the change that I was trying to make in my life. So, since it has been over 2 months since then, I thought that I would give you an update on how it’s going.

It has not been easy. For those that can’t remember, or are new, I will remind you of what I was trying to achieve…

  • Go to the gym at least once a week and run or cycle a couple of miles a week
  • Up by 7 am and asleep by 11:30pm
  • No phone or electronics after 10:30pm
  • Drink less fizzy drinks
  • Cut the amount of refined sugar that I consume
  • Eat breakfast
  • Drink more water
  • Generally eat better

As you can see, there was quite a lot that I wanted to do. And I am pleased to say, I think I have achieved more then I haven’t. I will break it down, and let you know how I am doing on each goal.

I have been maintaining my gym schedule pretty well. I go on either a Saturday or Sunday evening, pretty much every week. I think I have missed one week. I stay there for between one and two hours, and I spend pretty much the whole time running, or power walking, on the treadmill. Where I go to the gym, the only cardio equipment there is treadmills and rowing machines. I such at rowing machines. Mainly because I have quite small feet, and even on the tightest settings, my feet fall out the foothold things as I try to row. And I have zero strength so weights are completely pointless for me lol. I haven’t been able to do my run/cycle during the week though. This is mainly because I have been so busy at work, that in the evenings I am just too tired to even consider going out. It’s also cold lol.

I am doing brilliantly with the getting up by 7am in the mornings, but not so great on the going to sleep before 11:30pm. The only times that I sleep later then 7am, are at weekends. And even then I am normally up by about half 8 at the latest. I am defiantly feeling better for it. I am no longer running around in a rush trying to get ready for work in the mornings, I can take me time. But I am not doing as well with the going to bed. It is kind of 50/50 at the moment. Sometimes I will be going to sleep before 11, other times I’m not until about 1am. This is something that I am trying really hard to work on.

I have flat out failed at the no electronics. There is no other way of putting it lol. I just keep forgetting, or not noticing the time lol. I am trying to stop this. Read a book in the evenings instead of playing on my phone, but this is going to take more time.

Overall this is getting better. I have a mild addiction to diet coke, I get really grumpy if I don’t have it, and I get a headache and become really lethargic. It is not good. At the moment I have managed to get it so that most days I only have one can. Occasionally I have two, and others none. The longest I have gone without a can is five days, which isn’t a bad start. Eventually I want to cut it out all together. It’s just a case of trying to beat the cravings.

On a similar note, I want to cut the amount of refined sugar I eat. This hasn’t been great. Actually it has been awful. I don’t think I have managed to cut much at all. I am really working on this. Now Easter has been and gone, I hope that it will be a lot easier.

I am getting better with eating breakfast. I don’t manage it every day, and sometimes it is only a banana or yoghurt, but I am getting there. Slowly but surely. When I have enough time I try to make a smoothie or, my new found favourite, avocado on toast. I’m slowly getting there.

I am pleased to say that I have been drinking a lot more water. I have started taking a bottle of water to work with me, that I always drink at work, because I don’t want to have to bring the bottle home (disposable bottles).  I am also drinking a pint when I am at home, in the evenings. I have actually developed a slight taste for it; I never used to be able to stand the taste of it. Only downside, I have to pee more lol.

I think that generally, I am eating better. I am cooking more. And remembering how much I love cooking. I am also teaching myself healthier alternatives to my favourites. Such as chips, if I want some now, I will simply squirt a little oil (1 cal spray oil stuff) on a baking try, cut a potato into wedges, place them on said try, spritz with a little more oil, sprinkle a tiny bit of salt, and make them for about 20 minutes. They are delicious and so much healthier for you than regular chips. Basically I am just trying to make slightly better choices.

I have decided to add another goal to my list, and that is to cut the amount of salt I consume, mainly because if I eat a lot of it, I end up kind of bloated. But other than that, I am pretty happy with my goals still. And I think that slowly but surely, I am getting there. I am pleased with the progress that I have made so far, and I am working hard to achieve more. I will give you another update in another month or so. I hope that you have enjoyed this little update. I will see you all again soon.


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