Spring Candles

Hey Guys!

Anyone that has followed me for a while will know that I am a massive scented candle fan. Back in about November, I posted an ‘Autumn Candles’ post, and I have decided to make it a seasonal thing. So, since we are now truly into spring, I thought that it was about time that I shared with you my ‘Spring Candles’. So, here are the scents that I have been loving so far this season.


As you are probably already aware, I am a Yankee candle girl at heart. I just find them the best. They smell amazing, burn beautifully, they are generally just brilliant. But, since the last time that I spoke to you about candles, I have branched out and tried some different brands. One of which has actually made this list. So, let’s get on with this.

Yankee Candles

  • Sparkling Lemon
  • Sweet Apple
  • Midsummer’s Night
  • Turquoise Sky
  • Tarte Tatin
  • Sicilian Lemon
  • Sea Salt and Sage


Flamingo Candles

  • Lemon and Lime Mahito
  • Strawberry Cream Tea
  • Lemon Curd
  • Cheesecake Crunch

IMG_2478All the scents that I have been loving so far this spring are all very fresh smelling. I love these sorts of scents in the spring. I think that it has to do with spring cleaning, maybe. I’m not sure. But all of these scents are fresh and a lot are pretty fruity. There are several citrus based scents that I have been loving this spring; there have also been a couple of apple based scents as well.


What makes me sad is one of my all times favourite scents is in this list. Sparkling Lemon. The reason that this makes me sad is because Yankee Candle discontinued this fragrance a couple of years ago and I only have about 2 tarts and half a jar left of it. I am so nearly out. This is probably going to be my last year of it. I am very sad about this. I honestly love this one. If you ever come across it somewhere, buy it. You will not regret it. It is amazing.


I have been really surprised by Flamingo candles. They are a small UK based company. I believe their candles are produced in Wales. They use all natural soy wax and burn for around 50 hours which is about halfway between the burn times of a small and medium Yankee jar. These little candles cost £12 and smell heavenly. They have loads of amazing scents and all look amazing. The little jars are super cute and the actual candle burns beautifully. The scents in these are a lot milder and more subtly then Yankee ones, but they are brilliant. Plus, they are such vibrant colours, I love them. I will defo be getting more of them in the future.


So that’s it really. Those are the candles that I have been loving so far this spring. What ones are you loving? For anyone interested I buy all of my candles from Candle Scentral. They are a little independent store that stock Yankee Candles, Prices Candles, Flamingo Candles and another couple of brands. They are the same price as buying direct from Yankee and so on but they are completely independent. They have a little shop in Sussex and have the friendliest, most helpful staff. Do check them out, they have website that you can order from and they offer free delivery with any order over £35. ( I will see you all again very soon.


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