Book Review: Percy Jackson And The Battle Of The Labyrinth by Rick Riordan

Hey Guys!

Its book review time. I am weirdly proud of myself for actually managing to maintain a review every Saturday. I really hope that you are liking this. I am loving it. Anywho, lets get down to the review. This week, it is time for another Percy Jackson review. Its book number for today, ‘Battle of The Labyrinth’.


I am so in love with Percy Jackson. This series has fast become one of my all time favorites. I only finished this book about an hour ago and i am already itching to pick up ‘The Last Olympian’. I loved this book. Once i started it, i couldn’t put it down. As with the other books in the series, i read this in a combination of physically reading the book, and listening to it on Audible. But, this time, i found that i actually preferred listening to this one as apposed to physically reading it. I’m not sure why. It may be because there was a hell of a lot of Greek names and words in it, a lot more then in the other books. Not sure.

Once again, Rick Riordan has managed to create such a captivating story-line. I think that there was only, maybe, one time while reading this that i found myself bored. The whole time i was reading i was itching to find out what was going to happen next. Admittedly i did figure out a few of the plot twists quiet early on, but, i am sort of okay with that. I put this down, not to Riordan’s writing, but to my own age. These books are meant for children, not people who are nearly 20. But even with guessing these twists, i was still so captivated by the story. I don’t think that ‘Battle of The Labyrinth’ was the best in the series. But i did still love it. I enjoyed it a lot more then i did number 3.

With each book i am finding myself falling more and more with Percy. He is just such a sarcastic, sassy, little shit. I love it. I just cannot wait to hear his next remark. And i am also loving the new aspects of him that we are starting to see. For instance, his romantic interests. I love him and Annabeth already. I understand exactly why they are so shipped. I just think that they are perfect. But i also found myself really sad over the whole Calypso story-line. I am really intrigued to see how this new side of Percy plays out in the last book. Also, Percy seems to have become even more self sacrificing in this book.  The more of Percy that i read, the more that i am finding myself comparing him to Harry Potter. They are so similar in their personality’s, but yet so different. i am just really intrigued to find out how everything turns out in ‘The Last Olympian’. I wonder if will still be comparing them after it.

I have also fallen more in love with the secondary characters in this book as well. Annabeth has once again won my heart. She seems to have changed a lot during this book. Grown up a lot. Over the course of this book she has defiantly become braver, smarter, more of a leader. Just basically made such amazing character progression that she feels real. I also tried towards the end of the book when she finally reveled the last line of the prophecy. I felt so sorry for her.

Now, Nico, i cant my mind about. I think that i really like him, but i’m not sure. I seem to go through fazes. I think my feelings towards him change depending on how he is acting towards Percy, Annabeth and the others. When he is being cold and hostile towards them, i don’t really like him, but when he is being nice, i love him. I cried for him when he was trying to contact Bianca, and sobbed when he managed it. And right at the end, when Percy invited him in, i just wanted to hug him. I really just want to see more of him in the last book, and i really hope that i can continue to love him.

Overall i did really love this book. Another amazing story by Riordan. It was everything that i have come to expect in a Percy Jackson book, and more. I am so excited to see how the series will end now. Bloody brilliant book.

55 out of 5

I now find myself at a very difficult decision. I want to read ‘The Last Olympian’. I am itching to pick it up, but, i don’t this series to end. Do it read it straight away, or wait a while? I have a feeling the first option will win out :\. Anyway, i hope that you enjoyed this post. I will see you all again soon.


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