Book Review: Shoot To Kill by Steve Cole

Hey Guys!

Welcome to another book review! You cannot believe how proud i am of myself for keeping up with this up. I normally lose steam on things like challenges within a few weeks, but not this one. Supper happy. Anyway, enough rambling, lets get on with the review. So this week it is the turn of ‘Shoot To Kill’ by Steve Cole.



This isn’t a stand alone novel, but it is a bit complicated.  So, for anyone who doesn’t know, this is the sixth installment in the Young Bond series, but the first written by Steve Cole. The first five books where written by Charlie Higson, but for some reason that i don’t know, he stopped writing them and now Steve Cole has taken up the series. So, now that’s cleared up, i will start the actual review.

I wanted to love this book, i really did. I absolutely adored the Charlie Higson ones, i read them pretty much back to back. They are incredible. So obviously, because i love them so much, when i discovered that the series had been picked up by someone else i was so excited. And, i will admit, i had high hopes for Shoot To Kill. I wish i hadn’t, because it did not live up to my expectations. I really hate myself for admitting this, but it didn’t.

I found Shoot To Kill really hard to read. No matter what i did, i could not get into it. It took me such a long time to get through this book, nearly a month. In the end, i didn’t properly read it. I labored through the first half of the book, and ended up skimming the second half. No matter what i did, i couldn’t get into it. I found it quiet slow paced, and honestly, a little bit boring. I felt like i had been reading it for days before anything really happened.

Don’t get me wrong, i did love seeing that bit more of Bond, but it just wasn’t the same. I think the problem was, Cole was trying to write the same way that Higson does, and it didn’t feel natural. I haven’t read anything else by Cole, but i will very surprised if this is his normal writing style. It just felt very forced and that made it such hard work to read. I think it would of been an easier read if Cole hadn’t forced the Higson style or writing.

I really wish that i could be writing about how much i loved this book because i truly do adore this series, but i just cant. I would be lying to myself and you. i actually feel as if this book has tainted my love of the original series a little. I doubt that i will be reading anymore of Cole’s now. I may try this book again at some point in the future, and if i change my mind about it, i will let you know.

22 out of 5

I really was so disappointed with this book. This is the first book that i have read this year that i haven’t liked. I sort of wish that i hadn’t read it. It has honestly put me in a bit of a slump now. Anywho, if you have read this series, i would love to know what you though about ‘Shoot To Kill’. Did you share my opinion? Or did you love it? As always, i will see you all again soon.


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