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Job Interview Outfit Haul

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is going to be something a little bit different. Those of you that have followed me for a while will know that I have spent the last year and half working in Retail. You will also know that I don’t particularly like my job. That’s putting it mildly. Where I work is a 15 minuet train ride from where I work, with a 10-15 minute walk either ends. This in itself isn’t the worst thing in the world, but, my train fair costs me over £100 and month, which is about a third of my wages instantly gone. It is stupid. So, while I wait and hope that my other job come through and offer me more permanate hours, I have started looking for retail work closer to home.

This means that I need interview outfits. Now another thing you probably don’t know about me is between mid September and end of November, I (unintentially) dropped from a size 14-16 to a size 8-10. I haven’t really discussed this because it wasn’t planned and it wasnt through dieting etc. It was purely caused by stress and anxiety. But this means that all the clothes that I brought for interviews, no longer fit me. So I have had to go out and by some new stuff. I got some really nice pieces that I thought I would share with you, so that anyone else looking for work at the moment, might get an idea for an outfit themselves. So here we go.

BeFunky Collagebkl


I went to a few different stores and found some really nice items that weren’t overly expensive. I think that there is something for everyone in this haul.  Firstly I went to my favourite shop, New Look. I picked up three dresses from here. The first one, and my favourite one, is the beautiful navy and white, paisley print dress. It is quiet a thick material and just stunning. The dress itself is quiet high necked and falls to just above my knees, qualities that are essential for job interviews. This dress isn’t my usual style. I normally go for skater style dresses, but this one is a really fitted. But it actually looks amazing. It cost about £22 I believe, although I got it during New Looks 25% off dresses event so it only cost me around £18 I think. It is just really classy and beautiful, and it really does look amazing on. I love it.

BeFunky Collagekl

Next I picked up this really simple kaki coloured dress. This one is again, fairly high necked and falls to my knees. But this one is a skater style one. It has a slight pattern to it. A sort of woven, kind of, cross hatch pattern to it. It is a fairly thin material that isn’t that practical for this time of the year, but will be perfect for any spring/summer interviews. This one was only £6.99 I believe and they had it in about 4 different colours. Once I get paid, I will be getting another couple of these. They will be brilliant for general wear during the summer as well as for interviews.BeFunky Collageb

The finial dress that I brought from New Look is this really sweet cream and black one. I love this. Especially as I got it for only £10 in the sale. This is even better considering I saw a nearly identical version in H & M for £30. This dress is slightly skater style, and is very sweet. Like the other two it is high necked, but a little bit shorter than the other two. It has these black panels on the side of the waist that gives it a slimming effect. There is a fake zip running up the bust, which I am not overly infused by, but it is quiet sweet. Again it is slightly paterned. It is a cream base with black flecks woven through it. It is very sweet and I really like it.

I did try on several others in New Look that I really liked, but those where my three favourites.

Next I went to H & M. Here I brought myself a new blazer. The one I picked up was this navy blue, biker style jacket. I already own an identical one to this in black. I love it. It just fits beautifully. It hangs very elegantly, with waterfall esc drapes at the front. It looks incredible with the navy dress that I brought from new look. I have actually already worn this outfit to an interview and was complemented by the interviewer about how smart I looked.

I also picked up some high quality tights from here. I normally buy my tights in packs of 4 for about £5 from George at Asda (I wear tights every day at work so it is pointless spending a lot of money on them). But I decided to go for a good, expensive pair specifically for interviews. I got a pair of their control tights (the navy dress is very fitted, I thought that they would be ideal for that little confidence boost under it). They cost about £8, but I think they were worth the investment.

BeFunky Collage

Next I went into Primark. Here I picked up the two shirts that you would have seen in my Primark haul post. They are little chiffon, tank top style shirts. Super cute. They have a fairly high neck and will look amazing tucked into a skirt. I got them in black and in white, although they did have more colours and patterns. I will admit, the white particularly, is fairly see through, and I will have to wear a cami underneath it. They where £4 each, and I will defiantly be getting myself a few more. I am thinking tucked into my black pencil skirt, it will look very smart.

And that it for now. I did find a few other items that I liked in all three shops that I will be considering buying after payday. I did also look in a few other places, but couldn’t find anything I loved in them. I hope that this has given you some ideas for interview clothes. If you would maybe like me to do some more job interview related posts, let me know. I’m thinking maybe, interview techniques, outfit ideas etc. Just let me know, and I will see what I can do. I will see you all again soon.



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