Spring Nails

Hey Guys!

Anyone that has followed me for a while may have seen that back in November i made a ‘Autumn Nails’ post. Well, since i loved doing it, i thought that i would make it a regular occurrence. Do one every season. So, today, i thought that i would do my Spring Nails. So for anyone who doesn’t know, this is where i tell you all about the colors that i have been wearing this season, and any designs that i have one on my nails. As you probably know, i change my nail polish anything from every 3 days, to a week. I basically never wear the same color for more then one week. I either get bored of it, i chip it at work. So subsequently, there are a lot of shades in here this season. So, here we go.

As i have done before i will do this by brand. Some of these colors i have mentioned in previous posts. Also, as always, i still only use Leighton Denny, Crystal Finish, Top Coat. I have said it before, and i will say it again, this is the best topcoat around.


So the first brand that i will do is Barry M. There are quiet a lot in this one. Primarily Gelly shades. About 3 months ago, i received an email, informing me that Barry M had released their new spring/summer shades, and i instantly feel in love with them. I ended up buying the entire range. So, here are the ones that i have been wearing. First, my favorite, Pink Lemonade. I honestly love this color. I find myself going back to it time and time again. I am not normally a pink person but this one is just so gorgeous. It is a very soft pastel shade. Very very gentle. I love it. It is such a soft pink that it goes with any clothes and is just incredibly easy to wear.

Next, Cream Soda. This is an off-white shade and again, it is just so pretty. I love white nail varnish, but it can sometimes be a bit harsh, this isn’t. Because it has a very slight cream undertone to it, it makes it a lot softer. Again, i have found myself going back to this one a lot. It is very easy to wear. The only issue with it is, being white, it picks up dirt, if that makes since. You can only wear if for about 3 days before you have to repaint. And this is purely because it turns slightly grey.

The next shade from the spring/summer collection that i have been loving is, Butterscotch Sundae. As the title suggests, with is a butterscotch color. Again, very pastel, but very sweet. I love it. It is a very good neutral color. It sort of reminds me of Leighton Denny, Supermodel, in the since that you can wear it with anything. It just sort of goes with everything. I love. I would defiantly check out this collection. There are some wonderful colors in it. I did buy the last shade as well, Accio Smoothie, which is a purple color, but it is a little bit to dark/bright for me at the moment. I tend to stick to very neutral and pastel colors in spring. I think this will be great for that time between spring and summer, but not quiet yet.


I also got a few of the older Barry M shades. First i picked up Rose Hip. This is a lot pinker then anything that i normally wear, but i actually quiet like it. Not being a pink person i can only handle this one in small doses, but it is very nice. It is a very light pink. A baby pink. Again it is a Gelly color. I worse this one a lot around Easter time, not so much now though.

Next i picked up Cotton. Once again this is a Gelly color. This one is a pure white one. I love it. I have worn this at least half a dozen times. It is just so clean and crisp and just generally so pretty. I really have been loving it.

One final word on Barry M, in their new collection, they have changed their brush. It is now wider and flat. Similar to the Rimmel one. It isn’t to bad, i’m not normally a fan of this style. But, its quiet nice.


Now, its Rimmel London. I have only been wearing two Rimmel shade this season and that is Caramel Cupcake. This color is so neutral, it is unbelievable. It is brilliant for things like job interviews or school. It hardly shows that you are wearing any nail varnish. It is really good. It is a very neutral, fleshly, creamy, brown color. Very wearable.

The other one is Sunny Days. This is this really nice yellow color. It has a really subtle glittery effect running through it. it is a really sweet color and i really like it, although i don’t find that it wears very well.


Next its the turn on Leighton Denny. My favorite Brand (closely followed by Barry M). Like Rimmel, i have only really been wearing one Leighton color and i have already mentioned it in this post. Supermodel. I love this color. It is a brown color but so neutral. I wear it all year round. It is so neutral  that it goes with literally everything. If you like having painted nails, but don’t want the hassle of regularly having to change it so it doesn’t clash with what you are wearing, this is the shade for you. It truly is amazing. If you are only going to have one nail varnish, this is the one you need.


Finally i have been wearing two Tanya Burr shades. These nail varnishes are really starting to grow on me. I now own about 6 different shades. The two most spring shades are the two that i have been wearing. The first is Peaches and Cream. This is this really nice light peachy color. It is quiet orangery but very sweet.

The other one is little duck. this is a really soft, duck egg blue. It is quiet a bright blue, but very soft. I really like this shade. I am not normally a big, light blue nail varnish type of person, but i really like this one.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. What is your favorite nail color so far this spring? I will see you all again soon.


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