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Hey Guys!

Sorry that this is going up so late in the day. I sprained my wrist over the weekend and using the laptop currently hurts. A lot. This is also the reason for the lack of photos. I will add them as soon as i can. But, anyway, Its time for another Best Highstreet post. Today it is the turn of Tank tops. Today I am talking about thick strapped, vest style tanks not spaghetti strap ones (they will get their own post next month). So here we go

download (1).jpg


4) New Look

As you all probably know by now I love new look. And I personally their tank tops. They do loads of different style tanks, my personal favourite from here are their lose fit ones. They do several different styles of these. But I personally find that these ones are brilliant for wearing under kimonos etc. They are brilliant. They hang beautifully and don’t cling at all. They are brilliant. They range from around £5 to about £15, depending on the material and style. But they are well worth the money.


3) Dorothy Perkins

I find that they are brilliant for tight fitting, ribbed tanks. You know the t-shirt style, no stretch ones. I personally love this style tank for wearing underneath jumpers when I don’t want them hanging out the bottom. They are under £5 from here and personally I always make sure that I have a couple in my wardrobe. I have tried this style tank from a few different places, and Dorothy Perkins really is the best place for them. I find that from other places the hem tends to unravel and the actual top tends to stretch. They don’t from here. They are really good. I personally find that they are something that you should always have. You never know when you are going to need it.


2) H and M

This one is a very close contest. I love H and M tank tops. They are my favourite type of tank, the long stretch ones. I personally live in this style tank. Whenever I wear a jumper or a hoddie or even some shirts, I always have a tank on underneath. I love the way jumpers look with a little bit of a white tank poking out from underneath. And stretch tanks are the perfect ones for this. I personally think H and M tanks are brilliant. They are super stretchy and fitted and unlike some, they don’t grow. I generally find that quiet a lot of stretch tank tops grow as you where them, but the ones from H and M don’t. They are around £4 and come in Small, Medium, Large etc. I love them. They come in several colours and are amazing. The only thing I don’t like about them is the material. It isn’t particularly thick or sturdy. But still, they are very good.

Couldn’t get a pic, sorry


It really is a close call between the tanks from here and the ones from H and M. Primark win due to their price. They are only £2.50 each. Again they are stretch ones and brilliant. They are elasticised, t-shirt material and come in about 30 different colours. I love them. They do grow a little when you where them, but not massively. My only real issue with the Primark’s ones is that they don’t tend to stay very white. I personally live in white tanks so this is quiet annoying for me. but, considering their low price, I tend to just pick up a few every couple of months and throw out my old ones, that will have gone grey by that point. I love them.

So that’s it. Do you have a different favourite? I really hope that you are enjoying this series, I know that I am really enjoying writing them. I will see you all again very soon.


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