Book Review: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Hey Guys!

It’s that time again. Here comes another book review. I will be honest with you; this week’s book has completely broken me. I cannot stop crying. I actually sort of wish that I hadn’t read it, purely because it has caused me so much pain. But, anyway, here is my review for ‘Me Before You’


I cannot even begin to describe the sheer range of emotions that I have for this book. I simultaneously loved and hated it. Moyes’ is an incredible author. The way in which she writes just feels so realistic that you find yourself being dragged into the story. This is why this book is so painful to read. You feel as if you are there, living it all.

‘Me Before You’ is such a heartbreaking story, about loss and love. The disability in it, amazingly, isn’t the biggest storyline in this book. And that is so amazing and just says so much about Moyes’ writing ability. The centre of this book revolves around the characters, not Will’s condition. Don’t get me wrong, it is a huge part of the story, but it is present so tactfully and as if it is the normalist thing in the world, that you don’t feel as if it is being shoved in your face. I know too many books where things like physical disability or mental health issues are thrust upon you in such a way, that it honestly feels as if it is belittling the condition. This was a pleasure to read. You saw the nitty gritty side of disability, and you see the darkness of it, but you don’t end up feeling like this is the whole story, and that is beautiful.

Moyes’ characters are so lifelike that it is almost frightening. Their little quirks and oddities just make everyone feel so real. I cried so many times while reading this book and I think that this is the reason. Lou is just you bog standard, ordinary Jane. She is bright and strong and quirky, but also shy, unsure and scared. She is the literary embodiment of us all. We are all Lou, in one way or another.  I think that is why this story is so amazing. You are Lou. Everything that she goes through, you feel.

And then there is Will. Brave, strong, angry Will. He is possibly the single most tragic and heartbreaking character that I have ever met. He is so intelligent and outgoing, and yet, he has been delt the shittest hand in life. Everything that he has ever known, ever loved, has been ripped from him.  Throughout the whole book you want to hug him, and make everything better, but you can’t. And that is so painful. And what makes it worse is that through Lou, you get to glimpse the other side of him. Who he was before. Intelligent, witty, caring, warn. He is just so lovable. You just want to take him away from it all. But you just can’t. You just have to sit there and watch him suffer. Struggling through the ups and downs. The worst part of this book is when you realise that he isn’t going to change his mind.

Throughout this book you find yourself questioning everything. Particularly, what you would do in Will’s shoes, or in Lou’s. And honestly? I can see their perspectives. I can understand why Will feels the way that he does, but I can also see everyone else’s. I am so conflicted over this book. If I knew Will, would I support his decision, or fight it? Would I go to Switzerland, or would I refuse? I don’t know my own mind. That is why this book is so amazing. It makes you question literally everything.

I know I say this quite a lot, but everybody should read this book. Yes it is harrowing and heartbreaking, and I cried my way through it, but it has such a poignant message to hit. Such a staggering plot. I loved it. And know you would too. If you are only going to read one book this year, make it ‘Me Before You’.

55 out of 5

Okay, that got a little deep. But I stand by what I said. You need to read this book. And please, if you want to see the film, please read the book first. I have this really horrid feeling that they aren’t going to do the book justice. That it is going to turn more into a romantic comedy, then the hard hitting, beautiful, story that it is. I am going to stop ramberling now. I will see you all again soon.

Love Beth

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