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Primark Haul

Hey Guys!

Firstly, sorry that i didn’t post o n Monday like i usually would do, but since i posted five times last week, i needed a little break. But i am back now. So onto today’s post. It’s time for another Primark haul. This one isn’t the biggest one, but there are still some very nice pieces in it. I am very happy with what I got so let’s get down to it. I will start with the clothes and then move onto some of the home wear stuff.


First I got myself these super adorable shorts. I am in love with these. I got them primarily to wear around the house and to sleep in, I love sleeping in shorts. These ones are super soft and, as you can see, have Mickey Mouse printed all over them. They have a little black band along the legs and running up the sides. They have a thick black, elasticised band along the waist and it has a really useful tie string. They cost me £4 and are perfect for what I wanted. I love them. Super cute, super comfy. I love them.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Next I picked up these little sleeveless shirts. They are quiet high necked so they will be perfect tucked into a skirt for work. I got one in black and one in white. They are sort of chiffon style material and quiet sheer, I will need to wear a cami under the white one, but they are very nice, very smart. I do actually really like them. They were only £4 and they had them in loads of different colours and prints. I will defiantly be looking at getting some more of them.



The next item I got was this simple tank top. They had these last year and I brought about six of them. I absolutely love them. I am so glad that they have brought this design back. They are so comfortable. They are a really loose but flattering fit. They all have a design printed on the front and I love them. The design on this one is a sort of astrological based design. They are £3 each am I honestly lived in them last summer.



Next I got the most childish pair of knickers ever. I love Primark underwear. It is really reasonably priced, really comfortable and they are just generally really good value for money. They do every sort that you can think off and also do limited novelty ones. These are the novelty ones. They are ‘despicable me’ ones and covered in Unicorns and Agnes’. They have ‘I love unicorns’ printed on the front of them. They where £2.50 and I love them/. They are so childish it’s brilliant. Everyone needs some childish/nerdy pants lol.


Then I got some harry potter sock. Do I need to say more? They are trainer socks and just so cute. Love them. Plus a s3 pack was only £3. Very happy.


The finial piece of clothing I picked up was a really basic mens t-shirt. I sleep in theses shirts. I’ll be honest. They are super comfortable and are only £2.50 so are really good value for money. I got a light grey one in a size small and I love it. Perfect for bed.


I got one accessory based item and that was this flowery bun ring thing. I tend to wear my hair in a bun quiet a lot, especially during the summer and I love to jazz it up a little with a flower band around it. I have a few now and the new one I got has white roses on it and only cost £2. I will defiantly be keeping an eye out for more of these in Primark. I really do love them.

BeFunky Collagev

Next I went into the home wear bit. I love Primark home wear but my store is crap for it. However, I did manage to get a few pieces. The first is this mug. I am a little bit in love with this. It is so cute. It is a plain white base with a black speech bubble on either side. One says ‘happy Monday’ and the other ‘is it Friday yet?’. I adore this. Plus it was only £2 so brilliant value for money as well. Plus, it is a really good size mug.


Next I got this little candle. It is spousidaly ‘pink grapefruit’ scented but it doesn’t smell like that to me. I’ll be honest, I don’t actually like the scent at all, I just wanted the jar lol. I think that jar is a really cute a really handy size. It was only £1 so I will endure the scent, so I can use the jar, (please ignore how weird I am lol)


Finally I got myself a new selfie stick. I used to have one but mine broke. I was not happy when it did because it cost like £15. Now I don’t usually trust Primark electronic/gadgety things, but since this was one sale for £5, I decided to risk it, and I am glad I did. It is actually really good. Holds my phone (Samsung galaxy ace 4) really well, actually triggers properly, comfortable to hold, long extension. Very happy with it.

That’s it. That was actually longer then I thought that it would be. Apparently I brought more then I realised lol. I hope that you enjoyed it. I will see you all again soon.


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