Easter Nails

Hey Guys!

Happy Easter! I can’t believe that we are here already; it feels like Christmas was only last week, lol. Oh well. Over the last few weeks I have been having fun with Easter themed nail designs. I had forgotten how cute even the simplest of art work can look. So, since I have loved having these little designs, and since I haven’t made a nail related post in forever, I thought that I would share some of my favourite designs with you. I will tell you all the colours and brands that I used for each design.  Any art was done using the standard Leighton Denny, double ended nail art tool. One end is a brush, the other a dotter tool. And as always, I used my favourite, Leighton Denny, Crystal Finish, Top Coat. So, let’s get down to it


Thumb – Barry M, Gelly, Cotton

Index – Barry M, Gelly, Pink Lemonade

Middle – Barry M, Berry

Ring – Barry M, Gelly, Accio Smoothie

Little – Rimmel London, Sir, Yes Sir!

I really loved this one. It was so simple, but felt really put together. As if it took a lot more effort than it did. I repeated the pattern on the other hand. So both thumbs where white, and so on. I was honestly amazed at how many pink/pink based nail polishes I have. Especially considering I am not a big pink person. I loved this colour progression. The pastel shades made it seem so spring like. I will be trying this design with other colours in the future.


Base Colour – Barry M, Gelly, Accio Smoothie

Tip Colour – Barry M, Gelly, Rose Hip

Band – Barry M, Blueberry

Spots – Barry M, Gelly, Cotton

Firstly, please excuse how dry the skin around my thumb is in this picture. I had been handling cleaning solution all day at work (oh, what fun). This was the most complex design that I attempted. I was going for Easter egg esc…..Not sure that I achieved it lol. This design took quite a while to complete. So long in fact that I only did it on my thumbs. The rest of my nails where just Rose Hip. I did later try dotting the top half of the nail as well, but it just looked OTT.


Base Colour – Barry M, Gelly, Rose Hip

Spots – Barry M, Gelly, Accio Smoothie

I actually loved this design. It was so sweet and simple, and to me it just screamed Easter. It reminded me of Easter eggs. I ended up wearing my nails like this for a whole week, I normally change my nail varnish every 3 – 4 days (I get bored with it or chip it).


Base – Barry M, Gelly, Fondant

Design – Tanya Burr, Little Duck

Next is possibly the Easteriest design that I had this year. This one is super cute, but took quite a while. I was so conscious of messing it up lol. I had this design on my thumb nails, and then the base color on all my others, with a blue zigzag line across the middle.


Base – Rimmel London, Sunny Days

Stripes – Barry M, Gelly, Cotton

Finally, the last design that I wore is this really simple one. I loved this. I wore it for about 6 days, and just absolutely adored it. I just found that it was so springy and Eastery and just lovely. What I liked about it was the yellow base color has a little bit of a sparkle to it. It just made it seem so happy.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little post. Have a happy Easter and I will see you all again soon.



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