Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Hey Guys!

It’s Saturday, so its book review time. This week it is ‘the fault in our stars’ by John Green. I have always known what happens in this book, so I have always been very weary of reading it. I finally decided to just go for it and read it back in September. I got about half way through it and knew what was coming and I couldn’t carry on. I finally just thought ‘screw it’ and picked it up again.


I am heartbroken. I knew from the off that this book would hurt but I didn’t realise the extent that it was going to break me to this extent. I don’t think I have ever sobbed that hard at a book. I didn’t ever think that I would end up being so attached to the characters.

Everyone has seen the effects of cancer, knows how devastating it is but to read about it in the first person gives it a whole new feeling. Before reading ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ I didn’t really rate John Green as an author, but I do now. Considering that he has never experienced this cancer himself, he manages to make it all feel so real. Green manages to make Hazel feel so relatable, which is outstanding because virtually no-one can actually relate to her, can truly know what she is going through. I think the reason that she feels so real and relatable is because there is a little bit of Hazel in all of us. That overanalysing, frankly weird aspect of us all. And the same goes for Augustus.

Hazel and Gus’ love story was just so brief and perfect. A true infinite. I am not sure I have ever read a relationship that feels as genuine as this. And I think that is what broke me. I am generally crying just trying to write this. I feel in love with their love, if that makes sense.

This was one of those rare books that make you look at the world a little differently, love a little stronger, think a little clearer. It honestly makes you grateful for what you have. Your health, you family, your friends, your love. A book hasn’t had this effect on me since I read ‘All the Bright Places’ or ‘If I Stay’ (both heartbreaking books). ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is one of those books that you need to read in your lifetime. A true modern classic

55 out of 5

I will see you all again soon, when I am a little less heartbroken.


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