Easter Nest Cake Recipe

Hey Guys!

Today I am going to share one of my favourite childhood recipies with you. Nest cakes. I used to make these every year with my mum and sister at Easter. And I still make them to this day.



What You Need:

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar – 250g

Cornflakes – 200g

Mini Eggs

Cupcake Cases (Easter themed if you can get them)


How to Make

  • fill a saucepan with water
  • Break your chocolate into squares and place them in a very large mixing bowel
  • Place a bowel on top of your saucepan and heat it on the hob
  • Stir continually until the chocolate is completely melted
  • Once melted, take the bowel of the heat
  • Add a third of your cornflakes to your chocolate and mix until they are completely coated
  • Gradually add the rest of your cornflakes, stirring between each addition
  • Once your cornflakes are completely coated, line a cupcake tray with your cases
  • Spoon your mixture into all of your cases
  • Using a small spoon, make a dip in the centre of your cakes
  • Place two or three mini eggs in each dip
  • Finally, place your tray into the fridge for a minimum of three hours, to allow your nests to set.


And it’s as simple as that. You can melt your chocolate in the microwave if you prefer, but I find that it works better melting it on the hob. If you make some Easter Nests I would love to see them. Tag me on social media or use #efrnests. I will see you all again soon.


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