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St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag

Hey Guys!

I know that I am a little late on this one, but today the lovely Nora (@readingexperienceswithnora) tagged me to do the St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag. The tag itself was originally created by Emily @Embuhleeliest and Shivii  @browneyedmusings, and is a brilliant idea. So here we go…

xczxcEnd Of The Rainbow: What book did you have a hard time tracking down a copy off?
For me, this was not a singular book, but a whole series. The Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan. I borrowed a copy of the first book from my sister and instantly fell in love with it so I decided to just instantly buy the whole series. but could I find it anywhere? every time I looked on Amazon it was either not available, or was a US import where the P and P was more than the actual books. I eventually managed to find them in a set from The Works. all five books £10. 

Pot Of Gold: When you found that book, was it worth the quest?

Absolutely. brilliant books and a brilliant price for them. I really love Rick Riordan.


Celebrating a rich heritage: Name a book that contained a well-developed culture.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. the society in this book just has so much depth to it. Aveyard has created this incredible realistic culture with so many layers, it is incredible. it is so well developed, that, and this will sound weird, it actually is difficult to get your head around at first, because it so different from our own culture.

Chocolate packagingShamrock Shakes: what’s your favorite food to snack on while reading?

I don’t really snack a lot while I read, mainly because we don’t often have snacky food in my house. but, on the occasions that I do (normally on a rainy Saturday) it will most likely be chocolate, most likely something Cadburys.


Leprechaun: Do you own a rare/collector’s copy of a book?

I don’t really own any collectors books or any rare ones, however I do own a few older books. for instance I have a copy of ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll from 1922 and a copy of ‘The Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling from 1915.

IMG_9704Four Leaf Clover: Name a book you thought would be ‘just another generic book’, but turned out to be something great.

As much as it pains me to admit this but, Divergent by Veronica Roth. I have recently read this and the reason why I have waited so long and such low expectations of it, is because it has so much hype about it. I’m not good with hype. generally when I read a book that has a lot of hype about it, I am always disappointed. it just meets my expectations. But Divergent was different. It was well worth the hype. I absolutely loved this book and cannot wait to read the next one.

Guinness for strength

Irish Whiskey: what’s your favorite tradition of St. Patty’s Day?

I don’t tend to do much for St. Patty’s. the only thing that I really tend to do to celebrate, and I’m not sure if this actually a tradition or just something that me and my dad do, is drink a pint of Guinness. it is the only day of the year when by friends won’t take the piss out of me for ordering one in the pub lol.

And that was the St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag. Thank you Nora for tagging me. It was so much fun to do. Now it’s your turn, I tag IsabelleAnushka and Lelia. You should definitely go and check out their blogs, they are all brilliant (please do not feel pressured to complete the tag if you don’t want to do it 🙂 ). 

I hope that you enjoyed this little bonus post. I will see you all again soon.


7 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag

    1. Yea, i couldn’t believe it, especially considering how cheap they where selling it for. They have loads of amazing sets, Divergent, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, all for great prices. I’m definitely going to start looking for whole series there from now on 😊


      1. They are so good there aren’t they! I also got hunger games from there and am considering maze runner (but not sure how much I want to read those yet). Percy doesn’t seem to be in stock at the moment though 😢


  1. I have an ancient Alice in Wonderland copy as well. It even has the original illustrations in it. The weird thing is that this copy, which was given to me by my grandparents, is in English, but neither of my grandparents speak English. What they were doing buying a book in a language they cannot read I do not know.
    Also, I love Percy Jackson too! 🙂

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