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Collective Haul

Hey Guys!

It’s time for yet another haul. This one is a collective one. Lots of bits from several different shops. So let’s start with Primark.


I only picked up a few things in Primark. First I got myself a new sports bra. My old one was such a pain. It was an H & M one and just awful. All it did was give me monoboob and dislocate my shoulders trying to take the sodding thing on and off (no clasp). I honestly hated it. So I got myself a proper one. Underwired, cross over straps with a clasp. Perfect for what I needed. Love it. Plus it was only £6.99 which was actually cheaper then what I paid for my original one.


Then I got myself a really lose fitting white t-shirt. It has a slightly longer back and a really sweet little pocket on the chest. It is perfect for wearing with skinny jeans. I am loving t-shirts at the moment. I believe this little top was £4. They had it in a few different colours that I am going to look into buying. I love it.

I also picked up another t shirt. It’s a similar fit to the first, but this one is grey, sort of woven pattern. So cute (sorry not picture, it’s in the wash). And it also has faux leather cuffs to the ends of the sleeves. I think this one was £6. Again love it.

NL 4

Next I got this super cute little top. It has a really simple stripped pattern and an adorable little peter pan collar. I love collars. I thought that this was just so cute and simple. I just know that this is going to look brilliant tucked into my black skater skirt or with black skinny jeans. Plus because it is high necked, I can wear it to work. And for only £6, it was an absolute steal. They had it in several different patterns and I am super tempted to go and get another couple.


Finally from Primark I got a woolen waistcoat thing. I have been considering getting one of these all winter but finally decided to go for it. It is a really nice grey colour and has a sort of waterfall front. I love it. It will look amazing with long sleeves and skinny jeans. I believe it was £14. Very happy with it. I also picked up some new trainer socks, that I won’t bore you with, they are just standard white socks.

Next I went to Accessorize to get a new purse. My old one was so badly broken, I am amazed it still held my money. I picked up this really simple grey and light teal one. I normally don’t particularly like this style of purse but for some reason this is really appealed to me. It has one main section with 8 card slots, a zipped section for coins, two large pockets for notes and two other sections for other bits. It is a brilliant size, a lot more compact then my old one. It also has a strange removable bit at the front…not quite sure what purpose that has, but, hey ho. This was actually a sale item so I got it for around £5.50 instead of £12.99.


Next I went into poundland. I know you are probably thinking what the hell but bear with me. I needed a few props for some photos and I actually ended up finding some super cute items. First I got this really sweet little mirror. It is in this really sweet frame, admittedly the frame is plastic, but what can you expect for £1. It is like a photo frame. You can hang it up either vertically or horizontally, or you can stand it up either way. It is about A4 size and will look amazing in photos. I am very tempted to get another one.


I also picked up this wooden word from there. This one was from their valentine’s collection. I love wooden words and have wanted one for ages but couldn’t find one for a decent price that I liked, but I finally found this one. It says ‘love’ in a really simple script font. It looks so cute on my book shelf. I love it.


Finally I found this little jar. It is like an old fashioned sweet shop jar. So cute. This is going to look really cute in photos. I am always on the lookout for cute jars. I know that this probably sounds weird but I really like cute jars. I am planning on going and getting a couple more of these. I think they will be super useful.

That’s it. I hope that you like posts like this. I would love to know what your favorite recent purchases have been. I will see you all again soon.



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