The Best High-street

The Best Highstreet Bras

Hey Guys!

Welcome to the next instalment of my ‘best high street’ series. Today’s topic if very close to my heart ;P, it’s the turn of bras. So lets get down to it.


4) Matalan

They are brilliant for t-shirt bras. They do twin packs of t-shirt bras for £10. one is a plain colour, the other is patterned. They are really comfortable and practical. Admittedly they aren’t the best support wise, but generally, they are pretty good. The underwire inst uncomfortable, the cups are a good size and shape, clasp is sturdy, they are just generally pretty decent.


3) H and M

I personally find some of H and M’s bras a bit expensive but they are quiet nice. They do a lot of variety. Everything from plain fabric ones (not sure what they are called. The ones without padded cups?), too push up, lingerie bras. I will admit their push up bras are amazing. They are like t-shirt bras but push up. I admit, I personally only buy H and M bras if they are on sale. I find them a little overpriced. They are pretty supportive though and very comfortable.


2) Boux Avenue

Although these are on the pricier side, if you are after fancier/ sexier underwear, this is the place to go. They do a lot of different styles and they are all very pretty. All matching items. Very nice. I personally find that here is better then places like Ann Summers etc. Better prices, better quality, slightly less, creepy kinky lol.


1) New Look

I love New look bras. They are really pretty, really comfortable and not to expensive. They are really pretty, really comfortable and really affordable. They start at about £7.99. there are tons of different styles all of which are really cute and comfortable. Admittedly, some do have an absurd amount of clasps. I honestly own one from New Look that has 7 hooks on it lol. It honestly takes about a year to get in and out of it lol. They are really nice though. I would highly recommended them. Plus every bra they have, they do matching knickers for, always on 3 for 2.


And today, you have an extra tip. The WORST high street bra



Avoid these at all costs. I have tried these several times (I resent having to pay such obscene amounts of money for something that you culturally have to wear) and they are just a complete waste of money. They are really uncomfortable, the wire always digs in, the cups always gape and they have absolutely no support at all. Always avoid these.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. What is your go to shop for bras? I will see you all again soon.


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