Book Review: Harry Potter Page To Screen by Bob McCabe

Hey Guys!
Its book review time. I have finally managed to get through this beast of a book. So big and heavy lol. But, I thought that I would give you a brief review of it.
I put ‘Page To Screen’ on my Amazon wish list years ago. As a massive Potter-head, I have always wanted to read it. I am interested in how WB kept the Potter films so close to the books and ‘Page To Screen’ reveals all. It lets you into all the little secrets behind the films.
I don’t usually read anything non-fiction, but this was fascinating. Not only does it tell you everything you could ever want to know about the Harry Potter film franchises, it also literally shows you how they did it. The whole book is scattered with photos. Everything from cast photos, scene stills, behind the scenes and even concept artwork.
This book shows every angle of each film. We learn how the book was picked up by WB, how the script was developed, actors chosen, scenes set up, everything. I personally loved seeing how they created the props, costumes and monsters. The detail they went to was amazing.
I love this book. I love that if I ever have a question about how they made something (as sad as this sounds. I spend a shameful amount of time thinking about Potter) this book holds all the answers somewhere in its pages. A must have for any die-hard Potter head.
55 out of 5
I know this isn’t a review like I normally do, but I had to share my love of ‘Page To Screen’ with you. I will see you all again.


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