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H and M Haul

Hey Guys!

Oh what a surprise! It’s another haul! Lol. This time it’s from H and M. and its all jumpers! Pretty much lol.

HM 8.jpg

First I picked up this really sweet, simple, knitted white jumper. I love jumpers like this. They are so warm and cuddly. Plus look super cute tucked into a skater skirt with a collar sticking out the top. My old white one got ruined so it was time to replace it. I got this one for £10 in their half term savings event thing.

HM 5.jpg

Next I got the same jumper in 6 different designs. It is this amazing fit. Not to thin, not to thick. Really warm. I love it. These are the perfect oversized look. First I got this in this really nice grey with this astrology style pattern on the front.

HM 6.jpg


The next is a really bright blue with a sport, jersey style design on the front. Really bright and really nice.

HM 1.jpg

The third one is a really nice navy blue colour with ‘stay wild’ printed on the front in an Aztec style pattern. Again, really nice print.

HM 3

Then I got this burgundy one with the words New York printed on the front. I love this colour so much. It is so rich and beautiful.

HM 4

Then I got this grey one with LA, Los Angeles printed on the front. Again super cute.

HM 2

Finally I got what is possibly my favorite. It is a really simple black one with the word Manhattan in white script on the front. These are just perfect spring jumpers.

The only other thing that I picked up in H and M was a really simple white tank top. I won’t bother boring you with that.

That’s it. Its quiet a simple haul. I will be looking out for more of these jumpers in different designs. I seriously love them. I will see you all again soon.


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