Book Review: Half Bad by Sally Green

Hey Guys!
So I don’t know if you have notice this, but I am trying to post a book review every Saturday, so I hope that you are enjoying this. This week’s review is of Half Bad. So let’s get on with it.


This book wasn’t quiet what I was expecting. I was expecting lots of magic and witchcraft, but there really isn’t. You never hear a spell, or truely experience a potion, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. I had to keep reminding myself that the characters where witches. But once I got over this, i really enjoyed it.
I lived Nathan. He is such an intriguing character. There is just so much depth to him, and he just feels so human. I was really drawn to him. There where several times while reading this book, where I was nearly crying at how Nathan was being treated. I found myself generally upset about it. It has been a very long time since a book had had such an effect on me. I constantly felt the need to give him a hug.
The whole time that I was reading Half Bad I felt myself physically rooting for Nathan. Like in my soul. I just really wanted him to catch a break, have a bit of luck, a bit of happiness. But u do have to say, Nathan’s never-ending strength and resilience was the ray of light this story needed. I would not have made it through this book without it.
I also found a few of the secondary characters very
interesting. Particularly Gabriel and Celia. I really want to know more about both of these characters. Most of the others I’m not really fussed about. Mercury didn’t particularly intrigue me, neither did Rose or really anyone. I mean I quiet liked Arran and there Gran sort of piqued my interest. But then characters such as Annalise, Kieran, Jessica etc, just really bugged me, I’m not sure why. Maybe because I found them a little shallow, not sure.
I did predict a few of the plot twists, but not all of them. The hole story felt really well planned out and the timeline flowed really smoothly. I did like that it carried between being very fast paced, and not so fast. There was always something going on. It just never dragged at all.
I will admit that to begin with, i kind of struggled to get my head around the tenses. It switches between the first and second person narrative. Sometimes it is like “I said to Arran” and then it switches to “you are in your cage”. This is mainly when you change from being Nathan to bring in his head (If that makes since) but it takes a little time to get used to this shift.
I rwally enjoyed Half Bad and I can’t wait to rwad the second one. But, i can see why it has such mixed review. The middle of the book isn’t as good as either the beginning or the ending. But I liked it. It is still very good. I listened to this on audio book and I would honestly give the narrator 10 out of 10. He was brilliant. He did voices and everything. I would highly recommend Half Bad. It is well worth a read. I loved it.


5 out of 5
I am trying to post a lot more often, so I will see you all again very soon.


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