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The Best Highstreet Jeans

Hey Guys!

Hopefully yesterday you saw my little announcement about my new series, ‘the best highstreet…’. Basically I am going to tell you what are, in my opinion, the best places to get things on the highstreet. Today is the best highstreet jeans. So let’s get on to it.

I love jeans. I literally live in them. So I am always on the hunt for a good pair. I personally love skinny jeans. Being quiet short (5’1) i find that anything other than skinny jeans make me look even shorter. But I often struggle to find skinny jeans that stay skinny when you’re wearing them (and I the only one that finds legs grow?). So all of the jeans mentioned here, are going by the quality of their skinny jeans. Also, I refuse to spend more than about £25 on jeans, just because I get through them quickly, no matter how much I spend on them.



3) Primark

I used to get all of my jeans from here. They start at £7 and range up to about £20. What I like about here is that they do tons of different colours. They always have all the standard ones, but they also do really bright colours and pastels. And because of the really low price of them, it doesn’t break the bank to buy loads of these colours.

As well as this, they always have loads of different styles. Skinny, boyfriend, flared, straight leg, slim leg, etc, etc. but they also have whatever jeans are in style at the time. For instance, one of my all-time favourite pairs of jeans are stone washed pair from here, with ripped knees. These ones are normally around £15.

Their skinny jeans are amazing. Particularly their super stretch skinny jeans. They are under £10 and truly skinny. The only thing you’re have to be wary of with them is they don’t maintain their skinniness for more than about one day, before you have to wash them again. Plus, I do find the colour washes out of them really quickly and they can go a bit weird.

I will say, be very wary of Primark’s jeggings. I love jeggings, but Primark ones can be a bit dodgy, so be careful of them.

h and m

2) H and M

H & M’s jeans are a bit more pricey. They are around £20 – £25 up to about £35. I personally tend to only buy jeans from here when there is an offer on them. They are good because they do do a lot of styles and they are all real denim (unlike some shops that do weird blends). I have tried a few styles from here and have found that their really skinny ones are the best.

My only complaint about them is, I always find that they sit weird on my hips. The really sort of sit strangely on my pelvis bones and its really uncomfortable, bordering on painful. If I have to sit down for more than a few minutes, I can’t wear them. It’s just too painful.

NEW LOOK1) New Look

These are my all-time favorite jeans. They start at around £14.99 and go up to about £27.99. They are amazing. All super skinny, all super durable, all amazing. They all wash really well and maintain their color really well.

I personally live in their jeggings. They are essentially elasticated denim (not the weird lycra pretending to be denim things you get). They are so skinny and comfy. I actually live in them. They are £14.99 and amazing. I do love them. They come in about 7 colors and they always remain being skinnies no matter how long you wear them. I would highly recommend them.

Their jeans are also amazing. Again very good quality and very affordable.

So, there it is. My top highstreet jeans. Let me know what you think about this series. I would also love to know what your favorite highstreet jeans are. I will see you all again soon.


2 thoughts on “The Best Highstreet Jeans

    1. Hi Vicky, I haven’t actually tried Topshop jeans for a few years now, but I definitely want to give them another try. I have heard a lot of good things about them, but can’t recall how I felt about them lol x


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