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First Impressions – Tanya Burr, Nail Polish

Hey Guys!
I have a ton of new ideas for posts, all of which I am so excited to share with you. One of these ideas I’d to start doing “first impressions” posts. I did one of these back in about October about a TV show and I really liked the concept behind it. I know I love reading/watching “first impressions” posts, so this year, every new product that I use I will do a “first impressions” post for. So, here is my first one.

I discovered Tanya Burr’s YouTube channel in around January last year and instantly fell in love with her. I absolutely adore her videos and think she is such an inspiration to so many people. So when I first heard about her cosmetics range I was itching to try it, but for some reason I just didn’t. I never got around to getting any of it. Then in late November, i was putting in an online order at Superdrug for some new nail varnishes, and one of Tanya’s Christmas shades popped up. I was instantly drawn to it and added one to my order.
The shade that I ordered was ‘sugar plum’. It is this extraordinary deep purple shade, with just a hint of pink. It is very me. The shade was a limited edition one, just for Christmas, and came with some really sweet little nail stickers.

I was a little skeptical when I ordered this, as I normally stick to specific brands for nail polish, Barry M, Rimmel, OPI and Leighton Denny. I hadn’t read any reviews for Tanya’s products, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was actually pleasantly surprised.
The color goes on really cleanly and smoothly, no nasty clumps, and keeps very true to its shade. Two I coats gives perfect coverage. It’s quiet shinny, and the natural shine to it was really enhance by my Leighton Denny Top Coat (a must Have for any nail lover). So far it seems to be holding very well, no chipping, although only time will tell on this front. So far, i am really liking it.
I only have two small criticisms of this product. The first is the lid. I think comfort has been overlooked for appearance sake. The bottle has a really cute, gold, rectangular lid, which gives it a really classy look, however, it is useless. It is purely for decoration. You cannot take off the lid with it on, you have to remove it. And then you are left with a very small, tough nob to hold. I can understand the logic behind this but I feel they either need to make the nob more comfortable or make the lid functional. My only other criticism is the brush. It felt a little small and rough, but that may just be because I am used to Leighton Denny brushes.
Apart from that, i really like it. I will absolutely be looking into purchasing some more of the shades, and I am sure I will tell you when I do. I will see you all again soon.



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