Book Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Hey Guys!
It’s time for another book review. I know that I am really behind the times on this one. I have never been able to decide whether or not Divergent was something that I actually wanted to read buy I brought it an way (2 years ago) and I have finally read it…sort off. Amazon offered me the audio book version really cheap (like £3) so I read it that way. But, let get down to it…


I actually quiet enjoyed this book, although I did struggle a little with the sheer wait of the backstory to it. I loved the concept of the society. The five factions, the poverty etc. My only complaint about this aspect of the story is the faction details. The names and traits of each faction are only really mentioned in passing. I found myself constantly having to really strain to remember which faction was which to start with. Wait, Candor are…..? Etc. I kinda feel like this book needs a sort of index at the start of it for reference, like other books with a complex backstory do. But, besides that, i really liked it.
I also really liked the characters. I loved Tris. I thought that she was an amazing character who had such depth to her, you could really relate to her, which isn’t often the case with dystopian novels. I thought that her character development was wonderful and felt truely real. You could feel yourself changing along with her. Learning with her, strugerling with her, overcoming obstacles with her. I do truely feel a real conception to this.
I also fell a little in love with Four. I am so intrigued by him. His character and the different aspects of him. I love the fact that we discover him slowly, unravelling his personality one thread at a time. I really want to read ‘four’ now and discover more about what made him him. I do really like him. I feel as if Four and Tris fit togther perfectly. Ying and yang. I will say however, i did figure out who he actually was about 2 chapters agtrt meeting him.
Overall I really liked the book and I will definatly be getting the rest of the trilogy. The only thing I will say, and this is comming from someone that has only read the first book and doesn’t really know how the series will progress, but I feel it should have ended sooner. I feel it would have flowed better if it had ended (spoiler alert) when Tris’ mother died. After that the last few chapters felt really rushed and the actual ending felt a bit too well tied up. I’m not itching to read the next book. There is no pressing need to find out what happens next. But I would definatly recommend it. I have already told my sister she needs to read it. It was very good.

image4.5 out of 5
I have also just finished The Cryptic Files: Loch Ness (or somthing like that) but im not goin to bother doing a review for it. Mainly because i have nothing to say about it. I actually only managed to get about half way through it before giving up. It was less then 200 pages and it took me over 2 weeks to get halfway through. I just really didnt like it. Anyway, i will see you all again very soon



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