My Day At Harry Potter Studio Tours

Hey Guys!

Welcome to 2016!!!! Sorry that i haven’t posted in a week or so, but after Blogmas, i decided to give myself a little break. But i’m back now. And i have tons of ideas for post this year. I am very excited. But today i thought that i would keep it simple. Its a ‘My Day At…’ post. I cant remember if i have done one of these before, but they are essentially a little summary of my day, from whenever i have done something particularly interesting. Today’s post is my day at Harry Potter Studio Tours. This was actually part of my sister and mines Christmas present. We went on the tour in 2014, and loved it, so asked to go back again. so my parents paid for us all to go again. This time with the added bonus of it being Hogwarts In The Snow. It was honestly the best day. It was so magical and just as amazing the second time around. I want to go back again already. Here are a few of the hundreds (literally) of photos that i took…




It truly is amazing there and i am now more determined then ever to get to the Florida one. I will see you all again soon


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