Tips For Christmas Gifting

Hey Guys!
Look! Its up on time! I kept my promis! Go me! lol. So today’s tips post is all about Christmas is basically a few different ideas for different styles of gifts, dependent on the recipient. So, here we go. I hope that you find this one helpful.
So I have decided to split this into categories based on interests. So gifts for the family orinated, gifts for book lovers, gifts for sports lovers etc. for each categorize there will be three gift ideas, that I personally think someone will love

Book Lovers

Hello Happy Bookmarks
From The Page Candles
Personal Library Kit


Cookie In A Jar

‘Bake The World’ Poster
Personalized Wooden Spoons

Comic Book Lovers

Superhero Print
Superhero Earings
‘Super Hero In Disguise’ Mug

Family Orientated

Birthday Board
Name Necklace
Personalized Chopping Board

Food Lovers

Bacon Curing Kit
Marshmallow Toasting Kit
Halloumi Making Kit

Music Lover

Lyric Poster
Lyric Cushion
Framed Song

Drink Lover

Grape Vine Crate
Emergency Cocktail Kit
Grow Your Own Beer

Plant Lover

‘Grow By’ Pot
Funky Veg Kit
Grow Your Own Bug Eating Plant

Tea Lover

Tea Mixology
Mug And Cosy
Teacup And Saucer Bird Feeder

Pet Lover

Personalized Dog Treat Jar
Pet Rocks
Personalized Pet Bowl

Beauty Lovers

Personalized Make Up Mug
Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit
Beard Grooming Kit

Gadget Lovers

Smartphone Projector
Engraved Phone Bank Re charger
Electronic 101 Kit

Sports Lovers

Personalized Bag Of Golf Tees
Sports Cuff links
Personalized Favorite Sport Print

Science Lover

Vegetable Clock Science Kit
Crystal Growing Kit
Periodic Table Lunch Box

Candle Lovers

Scented Candle
Candle Making Kit
Tea Light Block Holder

Travel Lover

Scratch Off The World Poster
Personalized Wooden Luggage Tag
Destination Print

Craft Lover

Sock Monkey Craft Kit
Love Craft Gift Set
DIY Beginner Paper Cutting Craft Kit
That it. This took a very long time to do lo. I have tried to do something for everyone. As you can see a lot of the items I chose are from ‘’. I just find that this is such a fantastic place to get different presents from. I hope that I have inspired you. See you all again tomorrow


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