Christmas Food Tips

My Tips For Christmas Food
Hey Guys!
Its another tips post today. I am finially all up to date. Sorry these where late, but what with work, Blogmas, getting ready for Christmas, and all that crap, I just haven’t had the time required to devote to my tips posts. But, the finial two will go up on time, even if it kills me. anyway, enough baberliong, and onto the tips. Today they are all regarding food. Like other tips posts, this one will be devided into multipul sub catagories.
We all know that the Christmas period is a time to indulge. Rich foods and fine drinks. So it is only fitting that food gets its own post. So, tlets get going.
Before we can indulge though, we need to buy everything that is needed. This is always such a chore, so here are a few little ticks to make it easier.
Around this time of the year, the supermarkets are so crowded it is unblieveble,. I remember once quing for over two hours, just to buy a few last minute items. So, me and my family had enough. We have now found a really good way to avoid this. go to the store late. Most supermarkers are open till midnight, or24/7. if you wait until abfter 9 to go to the store, it will be very nearly empty. Plus, you will always be able to find a member of staff on shop floor.
Before you go shopping, sit down and make a really comprehensive list of absoultly everthing th\at you need. Decide what you will be cooking in advance, and use the recipies to comprise your list.
In Advance
Buy everything you can in advance. Try and get anything that wont spoil early. That way you wont have the moment try and buy something on Christmas eve, only to discover that everywhere has sold out.
Test all of your recipies in advance. If you are going to be making something new, test it a few weeks before Christmas. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where it it Christmas day and you are trying to cook and its going worng or doesn’t taste right, and you are basically screwed.
Do it in advance.
Anything that ccan be cooked in advance, do it. Limit what you have to do on the actual day. If you only need to heat something up, as aposed to cook it from scratch, it makes life a lot easier.
If you have to cook a lot, cut corners. Buy ready rolled pastry ad aposed to making it yourself, buy a jar of crandburry sauce as aposed to making it form sctratch and so on.
Keep it simple
Don’t over stretch yourself. If you try to do too much, you will just end up stressing yourself out and you will end up not enjoying the day. So just keep it simple. What matters most is that you are all togther and celebrating.
That’s it really. I hope that you have enjoyed this post. I will see you all again tomorrow

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