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Mug Gift Set

Hey Guys!
Welcome to day 16! I am very proud of myself for keeping up with Blogmas. Are you enjoying it? Today’s post is an almost DIY gift (you will see what I mean soon).image

What You Need
A Mug (Sharpie or Marble work well)
Hot Chocolate Spoons
Mini Marshmallows
Miniature (optional)
Hot Chocolate Sachets
Candy Canes
Little Chocolate
Mini Whisk
Cellophane Bags
Curling Ribbon


How to Assemble:
Choose you mug. A sharpie one or marble one work really well for this set, as they can be very personalised.
stuff the bottom of the mug with tissue paper
place your hot chocolate spoons at the back of your mug
add your miniature to your mug (optional)
fill a cellophane bag with mini marshmallows and add it to your mug
Next ass the hot chocolate sachets. You will need around 3 to 6 depending on how big your mug is
Now, the chocolate goes right at the front of the mug. Little lint bears work well
now your mini whisk goes towards the back
Your mug should be pretty full by now. Add 2 or 3 candy canes to it, there hooks hanging over the side of the mug
wrap the whole thing in cellophane, securing at the top with curling ribbon (curl it)


And it’s as simple as that. You can also add a little bag of chocolate sprinkles instead of the miniature, if you will be giving this to someone who is underage. Also if you are working on a really tight budget, you can purely fill the mug with hot chocolate sachets or coffee ones.
These make such a nice little gift and are perfect for secret Santa presents. I would love to see your recreations of these. Tag me on Instagram or Twitter or use #efrmuggiftset . I will see you all again tomorrow


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