Tips For Christmas Decorations

Hey Guys!

its tips time (yes, i am that cheesy). Today it is going to be my tips for decorating. This is going to be a bit sort of ramberly, but i cant think of anyway to organize this.



Any decorations that you need, try and buy early. In January, all of the previous years decorations will go on sale, and then throughout the year, until about October, decorations will be a lower price. This is especially the case if you want to buy an artificial tree. In December you can pay up to £60 for a 6ft tree, in march you could get it for £30. Try and order early and put them away until you want them. You can save yourself a lot of money.

If you are on a tight budget consider looking for decorations in supermarkets (particularly if you need a lot) or places like Wilkinson. You can often get a lot of fair quality decorations for a very good price. This year i got a pack of 35 little baubles(for my little 3ft tree) from Wilkinson for £2.50. mixed colors and they are perfect for what i need.



Consider a theme. Choose some theme and stick to it throughout your house. This could simply be a color scheme or a whole theme. For instant you could decided that all your decorations will be blue and white, or red and gold. Or you may decide to have a traditional theme, or a rustic one, ultra modern, and so on. generally if you have theme everything feels a lot more sophisticated and put together.



if you are going to have a real tree, as apposed to a artificial one, then there are a few things that you will want to consider. The biggest one being timing. You have to be very careful with real trees because if you get them too early, they will be drooping by Christmas, but if you leave it too late, you wont get a nice one. I usually get mine either the first, or second weekend in December. This year we got it on the 11th, put it up on the 12th. this is generally when we do it and it means the tree always looks good for Christmas.

Look around before you buy. there are varieties of trees that don’t drop there needles. these are a really good idea if you don’t want to be hovering every 5 mins or if you have pets.



don’t forget the essentials. Make sure that you stock up on things like drawing pins, string, wire, bulbs, all those things that you will need and will probably forget. If you make sure to stock up on them then you will get your decorations up without the moment of realization that you have forgotten something, which you then have to run out and buy.


Keep It Simple

There is no point going for something really over the top. It can be really unnecessary and a lot of the time, less is more. If you keep it quiet simple, it can make it all feel a lot more sophisticated and look a lot nicer then having 3 tons of decorations on one tree.


so that it really. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post. I will see you all again tomorrow


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