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Candy Sleigh DIY

Hey Guys!

Welcome to day 11!! Today is another DIY! Today’s post is Candy sleighs! These little sleighs are so cute and they make a really wonderful gift, especially for kids. So, here is how to make them.


What You Need:

  1. 1, 4 finger kit kat
  2. 2 candy canes
  3. 3 kinder bars
  4. 1 mini wham bar
  5. 3 cdm Hero’s
  6. 1 fudge hero
  7. 1 bag of chocolate coins
  8. 1 chocolate Santa
  9. cool melt glue gun
  10. ribbon
  11. tag

How to Make:

  1. plug in your glue gun and leave until ready
  2. turn your kitkat upside down, now glue on your candy canes, one along either side, hooks facing up. i suggest doing this at the edge of your table, so that it can lie flatIMG_8017.JPG
  3. once this has dried, flip it over, and attach your kinder bars. They need to sit 3 deep, across the kitkatIMG_8023.JPG
  4. next glue your wham bar on top.
  5. now get you cadbury heroes and fold the ends of the wrappers under it, and glue them down. do the same with the fudge.
  6. stick the three cadbury bars on next
  7. now, attach the fudge on top, other way around
  8. next you need to glue on your coins. Scatter them over the top, one falling down either endIMG_8043.JPG
  9. now attach your Santa onto the front of the sleigh, with its back pressed against his back to steady him
  10. everything now is optional, cut a very slim piece of cardboard
  11. glue a chocolate reindeer onto the very end of the card
  12. now glue this onto the front of the sleigh, attached underneath
  13. cut 2 small pieces of ribbon/ glue an end of each to either side of the remainders neck and the other end to Santa, near his hands.
  14. wrap a length of ribbon around the sleigh and tie it in a large bow on top
  15. write the recipients name on a gift tag (small) and attach it.


voila! one perfect sleigh. these really are adorable. i have given them to lots of people and they always go down really well. you can always customize them with different sweets, depending on the recipient. if you make this one, i would love to see the outcome. tag me on instagram or twitter or use #efrcandysleigh. I will see you all again tomorrow


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