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Hot Chocolate Spoons DIY

Hey Guys!
It’s time for another DIY!!! I love this little DIY, it is so easy and they make a really sweet present. So here is how you make them.


What you need:
Tea Spoons
200g milk Chocolate
50g white chocolate
Baking tray
Gift Tag
Cellophane bags
Elastic Band

How To Make:
First lay our tea spoons onto a baking tray
Next melt your milk chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan full of hot water
Next, use a table spoon to carefully fill each of your teaspoons.
Now place your tray into the fridge for an hour
Next melt your white chocolate in the same fashion
Then drizzle it in zig zags across each of your tea spoons
Place them back in the fridge for a few hours
Now, a range three spoons togther and secure them with an elastic band
Next, put them in a small cellophane bag and secure it
Write ‘hot chocolate spoons’ on a gift tag and thread it onto our ribbon
Finially, tie our ribbon around our spoons (over the tag used to secure your bag). Tie it into a big bow, with the label at the front


And its as simple as that. You can also add things like mini marshmallows and/or sprinkles in stead of white chocolate. Simply add them before putting your spoons into the fridge for the first time.
I hope that you find this little DIY as sweet as I do. There is a DIY comming up that includes these, for the perfect gift, so keeps posted for that. If you recreate these I would love to see the results. Tag me on Instagram or Twitter or use #efrhotchocolatespoons . I will see you all again tomorrow


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