Winter Beauty Regime

Hey Guys!
Welcome to day 9 of blogmas. Today’s post is going to be something that I’ve never done before. A beauty post. I am the first to admit that I am very lazy when it comes to my beauty regime, but I always take extra care when he gets to this time of the year. so, today I thought I would share what products I’m using and loving and how I keep my skin clear soft and moisturise
the first item that I tend to use,  which is one of my all time favourite product,  it’s the simple, kind to skin,  cleansing wipes. I wear make-up basically everyday, so I tend to use one of these wipes in the evenings to remove the worst of my makeup.  They are just brilliant. so gentle and effective
after I’ve taken off most of my makeup i will either use Liz Earles  Cleanse and Polish or if my skin is bad, the body shops tea tree cleansing wash , both amazing products

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