Christmas Planner App Review

Hey Guys!
I can’t believe that we are already over a week into December. It doesn’t seem possible. But anyway, here’s day 8’s post.
As you are all aware I am very over the top when it comes to Christmas. I have already shown you a glimps of my Christmas Notebook so today I thought I would share with you the Christmas Planner App that I have been using.
So I have a Android phone, so I don’t know if this app is available on IOS. The app is simply called ‘gift list’. I have tried several different apps this year, and this is the one that I have liked the most.
It is really simple to use and really effective. What I love about this app is that you Vann set a password for it, so no prying eyes can see what you are buy in them


So, once you have unlocked it, you create a profile for each person that you are buying for. You type their name, set the amount you will spending on them and chose a little profile picture thing for them.


Once you have created their profile you can then create a sort of wishlist of what you are going to buy them and how much it will cost


Then you tick off each item when you buy it and when you wrap it. You also have a Stats page where it will keep a running total of the number of gifts you have brought, how much you have spent, your budget, and the number of days until Christmas.


You can customise absolutely everything in this app. Currency, user profile, layout, etc. I actually really love this app. It is so super easy to use, and really helpful. I really like it. Having it in the Palm of your hand makes life so much easier. It means that I don’t have to keep my notebook on me at all times. I particularly like that it keeps a running total of what you have spent.


I would highly recommend this app. It really does make life a lot easier and it is a really nice simple to use app.


I hope that ou have found today’s post useful. I will see you all again tomorrow.


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