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Dog Treat Jar DIY

Dog Treat Jar

 Hey Guys!

Today’s I thought that I would share with you one of my favorite homemade gifts. I made these for my (then) two dogs for Christmas last year (yes my family get our dogs presents lol) and they where very well received. These little jars not only look adorable, but they also give a really nice twist to giving dog treats. So, this is how you assemble them.


What You Will Need:

1 pack of Smackers

1 pack of Reward Sticks

1 pack of Calcium Bones

1 pack of Gravy Bones

1 pack of Chocolate Drops

1 pack of Cheese Bites

1 pack of Chewy Hearts

1 pack of Chewy Bones

1 pack of Biscuit Bones

1 large Kilner Jar


Chalkboard Labels

Chalk Pen

Elastic Band



How To Assemble:

  1. Group together the reward sticks and secure them with an elastic band. Place them in the center of the jar.
  2. stand the Smackers along the back edge of the jar, 2 rows deep
  3. place a layer of the bone biscuits along the base of the jar, pressed against the edge. Do 2 layers of these.
  4. next place the calcium bones onto of the previous layer, again, two rows deep
  5. next sprinkle some chocolate drops into the jar, filling any space between the bones and the reward treats
  6. add some cheese bits onto of the chocolate drops until they are level with the bones
  7. now add some chewy hearts against the side of the jar at least two layers deep
  8. next add the gravy bones to the previous layer until there is now space (up to the reward sticks)
  9. next it is the chewy bones. These go onto of the hearts.
  10. now add any other treats, preferably your pets favorite. Do this until they are at the base of the neck of the jar (does that make sense? Lol)
  11. Sprinkle chocolate drops into the jar, filling any small crevices in the center.
  12. stand a few calcium bones on their end, up the neck of the jar until they reach the top.
  13. there will be a small space in the center that you will fill with cheese bites
  14. seal the jar
  15. write your pets name on a chalkboard label then apply it to the jar
  16. finally tie a ribbon in a big bow around the neck of the jar


you may need to add extra layers to your jar depending on how big it is. also feel free to use different treats, the ones that I have listed here are the ones that I used because my dogs love them. I would just say try and stick to similar sizes so that you can still kinda stick to the guide. One last point, if you aren’t going to be the one giving the treats out of the jar, you will want to work the elastic band up and off of the reward sticks as you create each layer.

I hope that you like this little idea. If you recreate it I would love to see pictures. Tag me on Instagram or twitter (links at the end), or use #efrtreats. Please let me know what you think of posts like this and any posts that you would like to see in the future. I really home that you are enjoying my Blogmas. I will see you all again tomorrow.



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