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Hey Guys!
Welcome to day four of Blogmas. Sorry about the lack of photos. They will be go in up asap, but I currently have no WiFi so I have had to upload this from my phone on 3G and I don’t have a lot of data for this month, so yea. Today is all about Candles. If you follow my blog on a regular basis you will already know that I absolutely love scented candles. You will also know that I am a Yankee Candle girl. Come December all my regular candles get put away, and the Christmas ones come out. So, here is what I have been/will be burning this Christmas.
For years and years my whole family only burnt a scent called cranberry Chutney at Christmas, this was until about 3 years ago when they discontinued it. Since then I have been searching for a new Christmas scent that I love as much. So this year I went out a picked up a selection of Christmas candles to try, so these are the ones I brought

  • Christmas Memories
  • Candy Cane Lane
  • Berry Trifle
  • Cost By The Fire
  • Bundle Up
  • Cranberry Chutney

Now I am going to try and do something that i have never done before and describe to you what these candles smell like. This may end badly, but no hum, here goes.

Christmas Memories
I think that this may be my faviorte of the scents I have this year. My mum burnt this one last year, but I didn’t really realise how much I liked it. It is a really warm smell. Spicy. It is a really deep and rich scent that just screams Christmas. If you have ever been to an old fashioned Christmas market then you can imagine what this one smells like.

Candy Cane Lane
This is quiet a subtle scent. Going by the title you can probably guess what this one smells like It is a really soft mint scent, that us also quiet sweet. If you don’t want a heavy scent, this is ideal. If you follow me you will have seen this scent in my ‘autumn candles’ post.Β  So obviously I have been enjoying it for a while.

Berry Trifle
This is one of Yankee Candles new Christmas range. It sort of reminds me a little of cranberry Chutney. It smells of red berries, particularly winter ones. But there us also an underlying layer if strawberry to it. It also manages to feel quiet fresh and sweet. I think this may be the sweetest one that I got this year.
Cosy By The Fire
This is also a new one for this year. It smells kind of like mules wine. Sweet and spicy. It is a very warm scent. You cans aost taste it. I quiet like it, but I am worried that it will give me a headacheΒ  (sometimes happens with scented candles). Just sniffing the lid made me light headed.
Bundle Up
Again this is a new scent. I really like this one. It smells really clean. A bit like clean cotton, but with a slight pine like undercurrent. A subtle hint of Christmas trees.
Cranberry Chutney
A few weeks ago I was sorting out my room and I found a half used cranberry Chutney. I thought that I had run out. I was so excited. It smells like cranberries and spice and Christmas. I may have to burn it on Christmas Day.

Also while buying my candles I picked up two new tumblers. They are so cute and Christmassy. I just know that they will look amazing in the evenings, with a lottle tea light. I got two of them, but I may get myself a couple more. I got them in red but they also do them in gold, silver and green. So I might get the gold. Mix it up a bit.
I hope that you have enjoyed this post. Again sorry for the lack of pictures. As soon as I have WiFi back I will upload some. What is you faviorte Christmas scent? I will see you all again. My Christmas tips post won’t be going up until I have WiFi again, but I will continue with Blogmas anyway. I will see you all again tomorrow.


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