My Tips For Christmas Cards

Hey Guys!

Its time for my next tips post! Sorry this is going up so late. I haven’t been very well. Today is the first day i am feeling well enough to do anything. Today it is my tips and tricks regarding Christmas cards. This post is going to be split into three different categories, buying cards, writing cards and displaying cards. So, let’s crack on!



Buying Cards

Get Them In January

  • I work in WHSmith’s. Come January, all of our boxed Christmas cards go down to half price. This is the same in a lot of shops. It is well worth trying to get your cars during this time as it will save you a fair amount of money. An extra tip, put a reminder on your phone (around November time) to remind you that you have already brought cards and where you have put them.

PicMonkey Collage

Do Not Buy Single Cards!

  • Individual cards can cost between £2 and £6 each. If you have to get a lot, it soon adds up. Im not saying not to buy unique cards for like your parents, partner, siblings ect, but for the most part buy a box of cards. Lots of boxes have 2 to 4 different designs in them, all along the same theme, so your family won’t all get the same. You can still choose which card suits who.

Know How Many You Need

  • Make sure you have an idea of how many cards you will need. This way you won’t but unnecessary ones. Also make sure you have around 5 spare cards in case you have forgotten someone.



Writing Cards

Make A List

  • Sit down and write a list of everyone you are sending a card too. Do this with three columns next to the names. This way you can tick the names when you write the card, address the envelope and post it (OCD I know, but it helps)

Split It Up

  • If you are writing more than around 20 cards, don’t do it all in one go. If you do too many cars in one go, your handwriting will become really messy.



Have A Template

  • This one is pretty obvious, but it is the of choosing a set message to write in every card. This just makes life a little easier. If you are trying to think of a personal message to write in each card it will take twice as long to do and there is always the chance of making a mistake and not being able to use that card

Check The Dates

  • Make sure you know when the last postage day is for whichever stamps you are using. The post office will be able to tell you, and most places that sell cards will have it displayed somewhere. I believe this year the last postage date is December 21st for first class and December 19th for second. (if you don’t know what this is, it’s the last date for guarantied delivery for Christmas.)


Displaying Cards


On A String

  • A really classic way of displaying cards is to pin a length of string or ribbon to a mantle, wall, whatever and to place the cards on them


On A Wall

  • We used to display all of our Christmas cards this way when I was a child. We would bluetack cards to the wall around our fireplace. The only issue with this is it uses a lot of the cards swing open now and again

Sticky Strip

  • You can buy strips of adhesive tape style stuff that sticks to the wall, back of the door etc and then you stick the cars on the other side. Most can hold around 50 cards


So those are my tips regarding Christmas cards. I would love to know any of your tips. I will see you all again very soon


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