Autumn Nails


Hey Guys!
So you may have guessed by this point that I absolutely love autumn. It is fast becoming my favorite season. One of the reasons why I love autumn so much is because it sees the return of dark and rich color. these are my favorite colors, and I adore having them on my nails. So I thought I would share with you the nail varnishes but I have been loving so far this autumn.
Generally speaking I stick to certain brands. My favorite brand is Leighton Denny, but I also love Barry M, Rimmel and OPI.


I love Leighton Denny nail varnishes. I find that they last a very long time without chipping and there is such a variety of colors to choose from. Also, Leighton Denny’s crystal finish top coat is the best thing I have ever bought. It dries super-fast, give a really nice shine to your nails and make your polish last twice as long. I always have a bottle on the go. it is the only top coat I will use. The Leighton Denny colors that I have been loving so far this autumn are Clockwork Orange, undercurrent, and supermodel. Clockwork Orange is this really vibrant Orange that is perfect for Halloween. It reminds me of Falling Leaves. Undercurrent is just amazing. it looks black but when you look at it properly in the right light it is actually a really dark green. Finally supermodel. This color is perfect for all year round but I particularly like it in autumn. It is this really neutral brownie, beige color what goes with literally everything.

IMG_6403 I have been wearing two different types of Barry M nail varnish this year. I have been wearing black and red black in the ordinary paint and blackberry and mustard in the gelly varnishes. Black is generally one of my favorite colours but I hate myself for saying this, but the Barry M version is not very good. It never dries properly even with a top coat. It will still be tacky days later. Red black on the other hand is brilliant. It is a sort of deep brown with a red undercurrent and it just feels very autumnal.
Generally speaking I really like the gelly varnishes. I didn’t try them until during the summer but since then I have fallen in love with them. Blackberry is the brightest color I have been wearing this autumn. It’s quite a vibrant blue with a lot of shine. The other gelly shade I’ve been wearing, mustard, I’m also in love with. I love mustard yellow and when I saw this nail varnish I knew I had to buy it. I’ve been wearing this one a lot and find it to be a really appealing autumn color. However, rather oddly, I find this paint changes color. When you first put it on it is a really yellowy mustard color but the longer you wear it for the more orange it becomes. Very peculiar

IMG_6419 There’s only one OPI color but I’ve been wearing this year and that is from the ski collection. It is ski teal we drop. I spent a long time searching for a very nice teal nail varnish as it is my favorite color. I own about 5 now but this is the only one that I truly like. It is a really deep teal that isn’t too blue, or too green but perfect. The only problem is I find OPI nail varnishes can chip really easily and generally don’t last more than a few days.

IMG_6414 The final nail varnishes that I’ve been wearing so far this autumn are by Rimmel London. They are the colors rapid Ruby and foggy London. Rapid Ruby is a really deep red color that maintains being red and not brown or black. I have been wearing this one quite a lot as it is almost burgundy. Foggy London on the other hand is a really deep Grey but has incredible depth to it. I love grey nail varnishes but generally the colors can look quite flat. Not this one. In different light it is different shades and I can wear it for a long time without getting bored of it. I find Rimmel nail varnishes really long wearing considering the low price but I find the brush bazaar. Having such a wide flat brush means that it took a lot of practice to get the right technique.



So those are all of the autumn shades that I’ve been loving. I would love to know what brands of nail varnish you would recommend and if there are any shades that you have been loving this autumn. I will see you all again very soon

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