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My Tips For Christmas Wrapping




Hey Guys!

Welcome to my first Christmas Post! Sorry it is late….and not Christmas Shopping as it was meant to be…..I suck. Anyway. Today’s post is my tips for Christmas Wrapping. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to wrapping up presents. It is ridiculous. I have been known to unwrap and rewrap things, just because I didn’t like the way it looked the first time. So here are my tricks and tips for getting it right the first time.

Pick a Theme

If you are planning to finish your presents with string, ribbon, bows, decorations etc., then stick to a theme. This could simply be sticking to a certain colour scheme or a full on theme such as rustic, traditional, Santa etc. Basically, just make sure that all of your little extras match your chosen paper and tags. If everything corresponds, then it generally makes it all look as if you have put in a lot of thought and effort into your wrapping.

For example, I am personally a big fan of traditional, old fashioned Christmases. Everything red, gold and green. Simple decorations etc… So last year I used red tartan wrapping paper, with really simple Kraft tags. I wrapped all of the presents with a really simple, old fashioned, parcel string. Which I tied in a rustic bow on top. They looked really cute and traditional. And really thought through.


You’re Choice of Paper

When choosing your wrapping paper, shop around before you buy. Make sure that the paper you buy is the one you love. Ultimately you are the one that will see it the most.

Also check to see what offers the shops have on paper. A lot of stores will have a multi-buy offer on. Some stores even have a half price event. If you are going to need a lot of paper, these offers can save you a lot of money.

Get decent paper. Wrapping paper doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but, be wary of overly cheap paper. Chances are really cheap rolls are poor quality and will tear when you try to wrap with them. Some of the best paper for wrapping can cost up to £5 a roll. If you can afford to spend this much I suggest, from personal experience, getting your paper from WHSmiths or Marks and Spencer’s. Paperchase’s is also very good. If you don’t want to spend as much as this, I suggest trying Wilkinson’s. All of their rolls are £2 and on a 3 for 2 offer. They are really good quality considering the low prices.


Tissue Paper

If you need tissues paper I suggest buying it from Wilkinson’s. Generally speaking, tissue paper is tissue paper. It makes no difference if you spend £5 or £1 on it. I personally get all of mine from wilkos. It is 5 sheets for £1 and they have several different designs. It is pointless spending a lot of money on tissue paper.


Awkward Presents

Awkward to wrap presents are a pain in my arse and way more hassle then they are worth. so if I have to wrap clothes, jewellery, anything remotely awkward, I will always either put it in a gift bag or in a gift box, which I will then wrap (so it all matches). This just makes life a million times easier and makes presents look a lot nicer.



Seriously consider buying yourself an on hand tape dispenser. I was really sceptical about these but decided to buy one last year when it was on offer and honestly would never go back. I own the scotch one, although I know cellotaype also do one. I have tried both and find scotch to be better, mainly because they are pre-cut strips. So you just yank and stick. Whereas the cellotaype version is essentially a little dispenser on elastic. This makes this one just that bit fiddlier. If you have to wrap more than a dew presents I would seriously considering percussing one of theses. They make life so much easier are are only about £5.


Wrap In Stints

Don’t do all of your wrapping in one go. This is defiantly the case if you are wrapping on the floor. If you wrap everything in one go, your wrapping will get messier and messier the longer you do it. Better to spread it out over a few days, and have everything look nice, then to try and do it all in one stint.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to adding any little finishing touches, ribbon etc., keep it simple. I love adding a little something to my presents. I think it gives then a really put tighter look and can look adorable. But ultimately, it is all going to end up in the bin so keep it simple. There is no point in spending a fortune on decorations or spending hours assembling them. It is ultimately pointless.


So that’s it. My only other bit of advice is to do your wrapping early or as you get things. Just to relieve a bit of the pressure. Do you have any tricks you stand by? This post has been more advice based then anything else, but I didn’t see much point in discussing the actual wrapping because it is something everyone knows. Just be careful, don’t use too much paper, aim for clean lines etc…

I hope that you have enjoyed tis post. Sorry it is so late. I will see you all again very soon.



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