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My Christmas Notebook


Hey Guys!

Last week I announced but I’ll be doing a series of Christmas tips posts. So in preparation for the first post going up on Saturday, I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek it’s my personal Christmas notebook. I plan to the extreme. And all of my tips and tricks work best when combined with some good old organisation. I hope that by sharing my notebook with you, you may pick up a few ideas to help organise yourself.

I’m going to start by correcting myself slightly. This year I do not have a notebook, I have an A5 ring binder folder. I personally prefer this because it means I can add pages or moving around. I picked mine up from Paper chase, it was a very simple craft folder which I then proceeded to decorate making it slightly more festive.


I also have some subject dividers. These were originally a pack of A4 dividers that I had left over from college. I cut them down to size and then added them to the folder.

The first section in my folder is my budget. Around August I sit down and I work out how much I think I will be able to put aside each month. I then divide it up, so I have a rough idea of how much I can spend on each person. As I either gain or lose money or buy things I update my budget. I try to ensure that I do this at least once a month to ensure but it is always up-to-date.


As you can see I use multiple colours to make it more memorable. I also write the date in the top right hand corner of the revised budget this eschews that is always accurate.

Next I have my initial ideas this is a page for each person that I am going to buy a gift for. I then list my ideas for the present and roughly how much it will cost.


Then it is my calendar. These are just really simple pages where r I map out absolutely everything that I need to do and when I am going to do it.


next each person that I am buying for get their own section, well my parents, sister and best friend do (everyone else goes in an ‘other’ category). This is where I keep track of what I have brought each person and how much it cost.

My other category also contains some generic gift ideas such as mug gift sets, dog treat jars act.


There is then a similar section dedicated to my parents stocking

The next section is my wrapping list. Here I’m make a list of what wrapping paper I need to buy, bags I need, tags, etc. Plus what I have already bought


Next is my card list. This is simply the list of all the people I’ll be writing and sending Christmas cards to. I will tick these off as I do them. This means that I won’t accidentally forget anyone.


Then comes my Christmas playlist. due to the fact that I listen to all my music on my phone, I cannot store all of my Christmas music on it all year stop so, I have a paper version of my Christmas playlist so that come December, I can simply check the songs off as I am to them back onto my phone and into a playlist


Next is my Christmas TV section, this is simply where I make a note of what is on TV over the festive period, and when. If I do not take the time to do this, I will completely forget watch anything.

DIY’s are my next section. This is simply all of the DIYs I know that can be given as gifts


The final section in my notebook is recipes. This is where I keep all of the recipes that I love. Particularly ones that I love around this time of year

As you can see, I am really over the top with my organisation comma but for me it helps. I hope that you have enjoyed this little sneak peek into my notebook if you have found something in this post helpful I would love to know. How do you plan for Christmas? I will see you all again soon


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